Sunday, May 26, 2019

Microsoft trying to redefine "open"

             Recently I have been reading a lot about how Microsoft is becoming more open. Plenty of the articles are nice and long. The content is so bland that at the end of the article you feel "nothing". The only thing is that the word "open" will be used profusely and will be present in almost all the sentences. It is like you typed "open" 100 times and then started typing text around them. In one of the article, the author writes how Microsoft has started leveraging "open" source software instead of re-inventing the Tyre. This is what is happening. So, Microsoft will not acquire any proprietary company for an application.

               They will hunt for software available in public domain and use them without spending a single dime, which for Microsoft is definitely a major shift. This got a boost with the acquisition of github. Majority of software available on github are hobby projects satisfying the creators itch. They are now ready to use the model made famous by Apple(with Macos and webkit) and google(Android, chrome). If a piece of software is available with sufficient maturity include it. No licensing fees. Microsoft wanted a collaboration and versioning system, they went and bought github. How does a proprietary company justify acquisition of a platform used by FLOSS and OSS developers. Start rebranding the proprietary company which wants to become open.

                To this day not a single key proprietary software has been released in the open. How are they now open? But github was a key cog in the wheel of the upgrades for windows 10. Now, Microsoft wants a rolling release strategy for windows 10. That is there will not be a windows 11. github is the component Microsoft lacked. Now, the upgrades for windows 10 is much easier. With this methodology all the users are beta testers. But, the catch here is that people pay for a windows license. A wrong upgrade can be costly to the company. Now with the present acquisition, it will be easy for the company to roll back changes and release a downgrade. The best example for the openness ad per the organization is its decision of using chromium browser to replace its nonsensical attempt at browser. The worlds biggest company cannot make the most important software of the internet world. If you cannot fight them embrace them.

                     Why chromium? Holes. Microsoft likes holes. It creates holes and sells holes. To start with Microsoft cant make a browser so it cannot make a browser with good holes. So, take a browser created by a company with holes, lots of holes and made by an advertising company. What is the result of such a dangerous combo? Holes, Lots of holes(re-quoting Keanu Reaves). Now, Microsoft is "open" for business on the internet. Is google complaining? No, why? They will be getting to know the holes created by Microsoft. Together they are ever happy while exposing the consumer to the highest amount of data collection. Why didn't Microsoft fork Firefox? Just because the Xbox team is sitting beside the surface team, have they become open. Just because all its employees are sitting in open spaces, has Microsoft become open? Just because the "notepad" team is sitting beside the "office" team, are they now "open".

                  Microsoft is creating a new definition for "open". It is out to malign the word "open" create confusion among users regarding the meaning. The openness withing chronically closed systems. If the kids just sit beside parents and discuss can the system be called open. Yes withing the family, they can be called open, but doesn't mean that this family honors the society as a whole. All this PR about open is Pure PR. What is in it for the end user. Will you get a better windows experience and so on.....

          For us FLOSS enthusiasts, Until Microsoft matches the phrase "show me the code" there is no relation between the word "open" and Microsoft.

Apathy in India

          I am sitting waiting for my train. Two elderly couple order coffe from the vendor who is busy counting his money.In fact he reluctantly gave them coffee. They enjoyed the coffee gleefuylly sitting on the chairs provided on the platform. They finished it and then got up from their chair and did the most unthinkable and unimaginable thing. They threw the disposable coffe cup right in front of them. They then went back to their chairs waiting for the train. And I am in for one more shocker. The train rambled in right on time. But still, the time beig announced was for the arrival of the time. There was no indication as to when it would depart.

             Now there are two parts in the above situation. One is that of the elderly couple and the other is the dinasour of a train service, The Indian railways. Let us now take up the first part, the elderly couple. They had their cuppa which is very much ingrained in an Indian's daily routing, nothing wrong about it. The difference and the shock starts when the couple finish their cuppa. They threw the cup right on to the train tracks. They did this in auto mode. They did not give it a thought. They just thought that that was where the garbage had to go. Now they are waiting for a train which is supposed to arrive on the same track. For me this incident was a shocker. The event really caught my attention.

         This happened while I was going through a blog post regarding slackware and how the author adored the way the distro is being maintained and gave accolades to its history. All of a sudden because of this incident my eyes started to scan that particular platform. I was not searching for anything in particular. To start with, I started looking for waste bins, I found one just beside the elderly couple's chair. I nearly went near them and wanted to advice them that they had a bin at arms length. I just paused for a moment and observed that the bin was full to its complete capacity. Now I searched for all the bins across the platform and to my shock, every single one was overflowing. I restrained myself from advicing the elderly couple. Now, I turned my attention towards the vendor. Having counted his money, he was belting out the beverage at a feverish pace without bothering where the used cups are going to end. Now, I extended my horizong to all the platforms, wait for it, It was the same across the 10 platforms.

         The solution, which I thought at that moment was very simple. Dont allow the vendor to sell any more coffee until the waste bins are cleared. Imagine the uproar of the commuters at such a proposal. Thereby putting pressure on the vendors as well as railway personnel. Let us start keeping up cleanliness across all the public utilities. It is not happening with people on their own. It is better to put meaningful constraints on all the stake holders. The constraint should be on both the service provider and the service receiver.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

The modern web is f*&*d

            It required the mozilla firefox's debacle to understand how complicated and shitty the  www has become. It is no more interlinking of html files. It is a treasure trove of executables. Executables are supposed to be run on your own personal computer/laptop. Every web page you open runs executable code. I just want to view the page. If i want to execute something, i will do it. But, the "I" for one is totally absent. It is "we". They decide what is to be show and executed. You, poor chap want to read the text in a html page. You point the browser to that exact html link. What do you get. Nothing. Yes, you get nothing out of everything. The world wide web to start with was such a joy. I remember seeing one of my richer friends using the www and I thought it was so serene. It was like God, if there was one has come down. It was like Krishna with all his knowledge is only waiting for you to ask the right questions. The answers are all there but tied to the right questions. It was like an interlinked answer sheet for "everything".

              What has the web come to now. The chromium browser i use, is the, ungoogled chromium build with all the plugins required for removing ads, privacy guarding, javascript disabling stuff. The link i wanted to open did not open until i disabled the script blocking plugin. Now, what is this page i was looking at. I was looking at a page from mozilla's website which was periodically being updated during this addons debacle. You know what, the page was not displayed until i enabled scripts to run. Why are scripts running here. Yes, I dont know how the modern www works. I just know how to make it look better from a client point of view. youtube doesnt display on the chromium browser with scripts disabled. I was just reading about the way youtube was started by its hipster devs. I felt very sorry for them. A big organization taking control of your pet project starts by giving you that processing power you need to start with. Then starts the acquisition of everything. You lose your identity. All acquisitions start with giving the acquired the promise of independence. Now, independence, is an intoxicating word. It is like you are suddenly on one of the private beaches and you are being told you are the owner and here is the money to run it.

                  From here the buyer will start scheming. How is he gonna integrate this independent entity into his largesse. Everything will happen bit by bit. The buyer will tell I am going to install security guards for "your" teams safety. Now, you are cornered and in the coming days you will screw your team or will exit it altogether for the team to fend themselves. The remaining team have to just go with the buyer. You and your efforts are still not recognized in the vc market. So you continue for a few days become goody goody with the buyer and incorporate whatever you are asked. There ends the independent product.

                    When I started using the public network. It was so neat. You want to download a big file do it from my ftp server. Dont clog my http server, other users will feel the latency. Your http server will "only" serve http pages and links, nothing else. You wanted to write a blog go ahead and register to organizations specialized in doing so. The tool will only concentrate on making blogging experience better. All of a sudden the blogging landscape became zero. All the blogs were searchable. What an utopian condition. Now, you write your blogs. It does not come up in any searches though it will be the only matching web page based on your searches. But the first 100/10000/N results will yield results what the "algorithms" tell. Now, algorithms is a good word for the big corporations to escape from responsibility. The algorithms are so complicated that i believe it is out of human intervention considering the complex rules which includes government rules, paid content, the ISP and what not. The user and the creator are totally lost in this maze.

                  Everybody wants to build a bigger walled garden. A stronger walled garden. Is everything in the walled garden accessible to everybody in that particular walled garden. No. The products are same as the industry. A person working beside somebody will not know about the salary of the next. But, all work in the same walled garden. The products are also the same. There is no openness left in this industry. There has to be a revolution. This revolution has to happen from the bourgeoisie, the content creators. The content creators have to wage the war. It is not that difficult. The internet allows the freedom  and tools to do it.

              I had a book named internet with me, purchased when i started to understand how the internet works. I remembered that book and gave it a visit. It might seem idiotic now, but, there was one word which caught my eye, "gopher" Sadly the number of articles on this protocol is at the minimal on the public network. But, this was until I went down one of the gopher hole. From here it was rabbit hole.

             I request all the content creators to host a gopher server and advertise it along the http pages. I loved the simplicity of the protocol(Come on, the http was just to have linkable web pages and travel down the rabbit hole). If you want your content to be searchable and help other people put it on plain html websites or put it in a gopher hole. Start using it, you will fall in love immediately, with its simplicity, with its methodology of serving content. Its adaptability to deliver content in terms of text file and to download other content like music/movies/pdf etc.

The servers available

af          A simple gopher server written in Lua, with a blogging module
geomidae    A simple gopher client written in C
Attua       A gopher server writting in Retro, A forth dialect

The clients available

sacc    A simple console gopher client
cgo     A simple console gopher client
vf1     Majority of the hackers on gopher tend to use it.

For more info enter the
gopher://    with your gopher client

The above is a very small list. I have come across much more. At this moment of writing I have used the above and remember them well.

           I spend all my time on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD. Therefore all the collections are projects running on these platforms. What an awesome community/developers are out there. It has been an honor to use your hard work and your passion.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

On Newspapers

         I remember as a kid, whenever and wherever a newspaper was in my hand, I would turn first to the last page which talked about news that can be easily digested. Normally it would be sports new and told who won or lost with scores. There were times which I had seen the sports event and I already knew the result and had my own review of the event. Reading about it in the newspaper was to see whether I was right or wrong. Now, Why was I turning only to those pages? I remember my father never reading those pages. But he never tried to force his hand in the way I was reading the newspaper. He was happy that I was reading the newspaper, at the least.

        Compare this to the other extreme of one of my friends. His father was so serious , he had his son write down the entire headline article everyday during his summer holidays. This happened in his house everyday, while I played away at his gaming console. I never knew the intention of his father but for me it was a punishment. The punishment was a result of his anger towards the school for giving us vacation. Later I thought that this he forced his son to do this to improve his vocabulary. This idea of his was not working since we were not having any conversation in the English language. We conversed in our local language and we never discussed the topic which he had written for an hour. During the same time I had access to all the comics and magazines his father had subscribed.

        They were instrumental in me knowing about some broader aspects of those days. I think the writing in the magazines was a little special. It somehow grabbed my attention. Maybe it was a combination of visual aids and writing which would combine historical facts and extrapolation to the future. Comics took me to another world. A world devoid of all the perfect sciences and mathematics of my school. The law of least resistance of nature was at play. I had chosen to read things which required the least effort from me to understand what is being read. Now the thing is should we read based on the law of nature or your interests or read it in a sense it is intended to be read.

        What is the newspaper intended for. How is it to be read. In what mental state should the newspaper be read. I believe that the newspaper should be read in a holistic point of view and be read with an open mind without any preconceived notions. Yeah, i get it, you are telling me that whatever is to be read has to be done with the same attitude. Now there are reading objects which are like textbooks which are written with a specific aim and normally with a very narrow and specialized subject. This has to be read in depth. A newspaper on the other hand has to be read holistically and then if interested in a specific subject you can drill down with Wikipedia and then on to textbooks. Can newspapers do some job of Wikipedia and text books. What i meant was a little ahead than "informing" the reader.

        This is where weeklies, monthlies and fortnightlies enter. But there is a chance for newspapers also to do the same thing with their weekend specials. Very few newspapers have nailed the weekend specials. Reading sports news is so easy on the mind. There is no post-processing on the individual except for siding with a specific sides and then reasoning out why one side lost or won. The same goes for movie related articles. They are easy to digest. Newspaper was my window to international movies. This was the next section I used to read after the sports section. I waited for my opportunity to watch the movies I had read about and my god, did i watch them once i got an opportunity. And i love the way newspapers cover international movies. They dont go in depth. They just state the facts and leave the imagination to the user. In depth revies happened only for movies released in our country. And all movies never really made it, particularly ones with "critical" acclaim. This is exactly that moment where I thought that newspapers have to be read in their entirety.

         The act of choosing the newspaper to start doing it and continue to read the same was more difficult than I thought. But I did zero in on "The Hindu". It had impeccable engish and broad coverage and "plenty" of articles to read. The reason for the choice is very interesting. This particular newspaper had a very interesting way of giving out sports news. They mixed it up with other serious ones and the last page didnt have a single sports news. This was a winner in all the things I thought was wrong with newspapers. And then all of a sudden something happened they wanted to reduce the size of the newspaper. I think it was the increase in pulp prices which was forced upon readers with a reduced size. But the newspapers advertised it to tell that they were adjusting to the "millenial" generation. The size is better to hold and read.

        One more thing happened. A few pages went color. An excellent opportunity to increase the prices. So now we had the newspapers adjust the price increase of pulp and at the same time increase the prices showing readers colors. And then something else happened the quality of articles in the Sunday magazine reduced and the most important thing, sports started arriving at the last page, again. But, the present newspaper is back to its glory age with the last page having other articles interspersed with little sports. The biggest change which prompted me to write this post is that the Sunday magazine has changed, a lot. It is now a booklet size, a bigger magazine size and very near to my favorite fortnightly, "The illustrated weekly".

       This was one magazine which had one of the best writers of our time as its editor. There are eminent writers who complain on lack of good content and good writers, but when given an opportunity and responsibility to improve the same they sulk. Khuswant singh is an awesome writer and as an editor, I have not seen anybody in my reading period who is even a bit close to him. Everything about the illustrated weekly was different, awesome. The size, the front shiny pages, the layout of the mag, the collection of articles, the heading where all these articles went, the heady mix of national and international news, the wry humor, the language, the movies, the sports, the politics........ I just fell in love with the mag. I never used to miss it and would wait for the next week. In fact i would call it as fandom.

      But, all good things come to an end. The publication was stopped. To this day I dont really know why it stopped. To this day, I dont want to know what happened. I dont want that feel to end. If you know why and all, it would be like it is over and then move on the next case. I like the feel that I dont know much about why it stopped. Yes, you may know. Dont tell me.

         Compare the physical newspaper with the electronic versions. You will never get a holistic view. You will be fed a particular article. In fact you will be fed with articles you would like to read. This is again not decided by human intervention, but, by machines. The spread of a newspaper with various subject articles is a sensory delight. From generic knowledge/news we are moving towards specific list of interests. I am not against it. But more and more of your interests only and nothing of other information which do have bearing on your interests in various ways is bad.

        Withing walled gardens created for us, we further create walls by specifying our interests. Apps love when people do this. You are interested in sports but an app cannot tell you how the polity-economical condition, technological advancements, world order have any say on your subject of interest. Reading a newspaper is a ritual.

        The quintessential coffee cup with in-frequent sips and turning the pages one by one. I salute Mr. Gutenberg for the print medium he created. Newspaper is a journey in print. It is the existing "classic" in the present modern age. It is no big deal to understand why the apps started by these newspapers are not a hit among readers. It is difficult to squeeze the entire universe into one planet. I would always suggest to all the readers to spend some time a fixed time with a cuppa and read the newspaper, you never know which rabbit hole would interest you.........

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Use happiness instead of fear/intimidation/punishment

            I have been reading a lot of articles regarding the troubles taken by the security agencies to find out more abut the issues created on their own. To remove one thorn you use another thorn and you start thinking that the thorn you used are better ones. But you have now created a thorn which is mightier than the one just removed. That same thorn will now start biting you in an indirect way. The thorn knows its owner and its creator. It will be careful not to bite the creator directly. But a time will come where the signature of the thorn bite is recognized by its creator.

            Now the creator is at crossroads. It knows that it cannot create a new, a better, thorn. The creator has learned from his mistake. Now the creator has no option but to use brute force to remove the thorn. In the process the creator has to undergo a lot of pain. The thorn has learnt from the mistakes of the one it dislodged. It is now housed deeper. The more you confront it, the more the pain. Now the creator resorts to really try to know ways to dislodge the The thorn now has so many branches it is difficult to decide the master branch. You destroy a master branch, another tertiary branch will take the place of the main branch. This tertiary branch will not do any mistakes done by the previous master branch. Continuous learning. This is an infinite loop with no end in sight with the infinite pain both on the creator and the thorn. Instead of inflicting pain and then eliciting information/response form the thorn, why shouldn't we allow it to grow itself into a nice plant which would yield edible fruits. Why not give the thorn so much happiness, near ecstasy, show it the paradise lost and then show them the paradise found. why don't we show the thorn that heaven is right here, on earth and can be experienced right now. why not lead the thorn through the dark prison gates to a place of high life. Why not show it the fruits of capitalism(which the capitalists are good at) why not tell them how it works or how they can make it work.

          Dont we talk aplenty when we are happy. Dont we cry when we are ecstatic. Make then so happy and at the same time sad by showing them what can be done with a little bit of hard work and education. People talk when they are happy. They do. In fact the let off all the guards when they are happy than when they are punished. Cant you remember the number of times it has worked with your boss, spouse, parents. Haven't you asked the most endearing request when the sponsor is the happiest. With this effort we may not be able to convince the thorn about happiness in the world but even if we create a small doubt in their minds it will go a long way in stopping people form carrying out ghastly deeds. There are plenty of examples of anti establishments wherein a doubt was created in their minds regarding their efforts and come over to the mainline to try that last ditch effort all because of a small doubt regarding their present activities. This is where the establishment should work seriously and support these and make them fine examples of the happiness available at the crossover. Every single case can be an example for aplenty. It should not do anything negative with the lot crossing over. The establishment should be very careful here. Compare it with confrontation logic wherein the response from the thorn will be based on older experiences/doctored thoughts and not on logic.

          Show them where they stand in the supply side. Show them the demand waiting for this supply which they are capable of creating. Instead of building bullet proof dark alleyed buildings and spending the tax payers money in using this investment on these misguided people let us spend the same amount of money in giving these people greater happiness and show them how they are using up the happiness of plenty others who are toiling hard and are not on the supply/demand map because these people are eating away at their expense. Open them out like this. When people are happy they are the most chatty. Get that information from the ecstatic captors and try to bring other people into the establishment. This can be done very easily considering the share of these people are minuscule. Let us kill the demon which capitalism has created by using the very fruits of capitalism. Normally these alternate groups are formed based on common ideologies. Creating a doubt in few of the people will result in clash of ideologies which will bring out the best. Ideologies should always be in question.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Money, money, money

        What is it about money? How much of it is necessary. How much is enough. How much is bad. How much is good. Does it depend on the individual and his place in the society. Does it depend on the money an individual is already having. Is money the means of consumerism. Is money the mother of all evils. Is the burning man which rejects money and brings back the barter system the answer to all the evils of money. Does barter bring about equality among people. Does barter reduce the rich and the super rich. Will people start honoring relations and human emotions if money is taken out of the equation. Will the removal of money bring in Anarchism which is supposed to mimic the "ultimate order" in chaos. Is money the first aspect of blinding of logic of humans resulting from emotions.

        Actually what does money bring to the table of human society. At the last mile of human society, majority of human emotions are expressed w.r.t money. It can be giving voluntarily, taking by force, taking without the knowledge of the present owner. Happiness, boredom, anger, love, time for love, condition for love, maintaining relations all change at the drop of a hat with change in the money holding power of the individual. Are human relations still strong enough to transcend the issues arising out of the effects of money on the same relations. Is money akin to God. If somebody has all the money in the world, would he have seen god. Since God is supposed to be everything. Is money greater than all the dark energy in the universe since money is what is required to research and find out about dark energy. 

         You are telling me that a genius might be born who would start spurting out all the details regarding the dark energy in the universe. But you forgot that he has to be born and he has to be bought up to this level. At least up to the time he can talk. There can be another option wherein god himself surfaces and shows us the dark matter of the universe Is money and Economics the greatest science of all time. Since this is what allows us to carry out science. If the journey is more valuable than the destination then money and its study is the most valuable study of all time. Should we commit more resources to concentrate more on this path than the destination. But there is a catch. If science is the destination of all the money based activities the path we have been discussing about is limited by the state of science. If this path has to extend then we have to extend the state of science. 

         Majority of investment from the biggest investors is towards this only. The extension of this path again re-iterates the importance of money. It is a chicken egg situation and cannot be solved that easily. Normally both have gone hand in hand and continue to do so. The rate at which the path is lengthening is greater in the modern times and so are the complications of money based issues. The human race is submerged in this path and its destination. Well I have asked enough questions. Are they related. In fact what is this post about. Is it about the human race, the human relationships, Is it about science or economics. Is it about behavioral theory which has found its way into economics as well as science. 

         How will humans battle the science and economics and maintain sanity in relationships and feelings. So humans changing their relations and their feelings according to the economic models and advancement of science a given. Does it remain same even in and anarchic setup. Why is there no study regarding anarchy. There have been many writings regarding this topic but never practiced in reality. The burning man which tries to do it is a capital intensive arrangement carried out by capitalists. Will humans start valuing relations/feelings more in an anarchic setup. If every man has a purpose will the it change in a capital setup or remains the same in anarchic setup. Money, the end of older relationships, beginning of newer ones, starting bitter ones, starting sweeter ones all in the name of increasing the amount of money. This is the present model of the human setup. Can this model be changed. Are there better models negating the use of money. Are there better models wherein an individual does not think that increasing what he has is the only way to be happy.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Meeting RMS at Mandya(Once in a lifetime opportunity), Karnataka, India

As I have written in many of my blog posts regarding my introduction to computing in 2002. No event affected me more than the reading of RMS's escapades with the printer at the AI laboratory. There was something about the philosophy being churned out in the help file withing the church of emacs. Now, maybe if i had tried editing my configuration files in vi I wouldnt have come across this philosophy of sharing. I still am not sure what prompted me to fire up emacs from my RH 6 machine. I finished the tutor and the was looking for further directions. It was at that time I read the about page on emacs. From that day I have been an ardent fan of RMS and his strict idealistic ideologies which is a mouthful for many an individuals who take sharing as sharing and nothing else. It is very difficult to understand him. He is egoistic. He is very strict on his beliefs and ideologies. I still remember when he last visited India and was interviewed by swapnil bhartiya. He did not drink bottled water until he got a bottled water not manufactured by coca cola. The reason being that he was against some un-ethical practises by the said company in some part of the world.

Let me come back to the present. I was damn lucky to meet him in person at Mandya, Karnataka, India. The event was organized by FSMK(Free software movement, Karnataka). I did not know that such a group existed and am indebted to their efforts in organizing this event. Now, how did I know about it. I am not on any proprietary social networks. I got the information on Mastodon. This makes my decision to stay on Non-proprietary online information sharing tools more interesting. This place, Mandya, is around 100Kms from my place. It was a 2 hour journey. I was present in the auditorium an hour before the stipulated time. There were announcements made to the attendees regarding the mentioning of Linux and GNU/Linux. He was on time and he walked in to a rousing standing reception. And the first one liner was shot. "Dont stand for me, stand for free software" He removed his shoes and started his presentation almost immediately. He did not want to waste a minute. He wanted to get right to the point almost immediately. The organizers were shocked at his speed. It took some time to get their bearings. After 10 minutes or so into his talk, The Indian way of welcoming the guest with a Mysore peta(Traditional cap of Mysore made with silk thread and a sandal wood garland) was done.

His homework regarding the local issues were excellent. He asked for "Mandya Gowdara Tea". Since there was a delay he was given tea made from Tea bags he had brought all along. He spelt the name of the language spoken in our parts perfectly i,e, Kannada(Majority of the Indians who dont stay in our parts spell it Kannad, which is wrong). The most striking was the parallel he drew of our freedom struggle with the present software freedom struggle. His say was that to gain freedom we have to embrace things which we are not comfortable. Freedom is not free. We have to work for it. In the Indian freedom struggle though the British flooded the Indian market with ready to wear clothes from Great Britain(Of course the raw material was from India). We as Indians fought against it by announcing swaraj, wherein we starting spinning our own textile raw material and stitching our own clothes from raw cotton. This was definitely not comfortable at all. But that is a cost we paid for gaining the freedom we cherish(or taken for granted) today. Excellent point. He used the word "Svatantra", the kannada word for "libre" instead of "Uchita" for "Free". RMS, I love you.

The talk and the content was standard. The freedoms associated with the software licensed with GNU GPL v3 and above and why all the developers should use this version particularly and also mention "GNU GPL v3 and higher" which would make the job of the FSF easy when faced with issues regarding copyright.

As usual, the Q&A is where he succeeds or fails miserably

There were questions regarding privacy, china government's mode of working etc which received long and boring answers. Let us cut back to the little interesting ones.

Q. I wanted to contribute to the FSF. When I opened the contribution page I saw that the amount of information I have to give before even entering the payment details was more than that required for opening an amazon account. The contribution process should be simple and as easy as clicking a button
A. Oh. I dont know about this. e-mail me the web page you are talking about. The payment cannot be as simple as a single click(It is for the reader to decide what is right or wrong about his answer)
Q. Wil the development of GNU os continue
A. No. It will not be developed. We had all the userland utilities and were lacking a kernel. Now we have the Linux kernel.
Q. What are the future projects of fsf
A. Oh, you can see our website regarding where the money comes and goes. librejs is being developed to remove the proprietary JS being used.
Q. What about building social networks. Like GNU social
A. Muffled answer.(I dont remember much)
Q. Free software conservancy hosted few videos on its website requiring proprietary JS implementation which if not enabled is not allowing to be viewed and fsf is one of the sponsor of the event of the video. Isnt it ethically wrong
A. I cannot keep track off each and every activity of the FSF.(summary I dont know and I am not going to anything about it)
Q. As a first time developer I am very interested in making money. How am I going to make money by giving my code away
A. (Unclear points) followed by You can work as a waiter for a living and then you can code in your spare time for the public good. If I did not have this job then I would have been a waiter to support what I am doing now.

Thank you,RMS, for everything you have done and will do in your endeavor towards pushing freedom software. Yes there will be fallacies, there will be pitfalls. But walking the talk is what matters. In a world where ethics are washed out at the drop of a hat, we have you, as a benchmark for the philosophic side of freedom software. I wish you would live for eternity, negating all the naysayers.