Thursday, April 11, 2013


That, now, is a term which sends shivers down the best politician, economists and all "comfortable" people of the world. Let us not delve into the dictionary meaning of the term. Let us spare a moment and think about what we know about the word, destitute. Yes you have heard it a lot of times. You would have shown somebody and described him as so. Well, are they different form the poor or both the words synonymous?. Otherwise are each other having subset-superset relationship. A destitute is the last level in the hierarchy of "our" society, considering the social and economic factors.

Now, Where did the destitute come from? Why are they like this? It is like the residual of all the reactions taking place in the society. It is the last filtered by-product of our present social structure, which nobody wants or likes to own up. Is he meant to be ignored? Has he transformed himself that way? What is the reason?

For the time being, let us absolve the society from being the reason for destitute. Let us say, destitute are born. They have fallen from the sky. How do we go about uplifting them, like, at least to the status of the poor? How do we remove the label "destitute" and give them the label "poor"? How? Now, you will ask, since the society is absolved of the responsibility of creating them, why should the society involve itself in uplifting them? What is the obligation of the society towards them?

Since, we don't believe in chance, with the present scientific structure, let us see what is the real reason of the formation of this class. Destitute are the result of the anomalies in the societal/political system which has been designed by an elite few for all the others to follow. The critical anomaly is the majority of the people have been programmed to ignore this class over the years. It is as though, the present societal system is ideal and this class is a necessary glitch for the system to be in equilibrium.

The society is more interested in knowing the un-known. The things in front of them take second preference. We somehow have been programmed with an in-capability which is what the creator of the present society wanted. The main thing is the in-capability/gumption to look within ourselves. We know of the evils around us. We know the anomalies. But, we have chosen to ignore it because we are confident that this anomaly cannot disturb the existing system and the glitch has not got the capability to fight back or question.

So, where do we start? We start by identifying them. Identifying them is possible only by the participation of people in the last mile. Try to know what they can do. Try to know how the destitute can contribute and come back into the regular societal system. If they don't know anything, teach them. Incubate them for a certain amount of time and make them understand how the system works, It is a two way learning process, wherein the present system can understand the reasons for these glitches. They should be made to grasp the socio/political/economical system. We have done two things here. We have identified them. We have brought them up to the more known "poor" slab. Now, give them all the benefits which the "poor" slab are supposed to get. There you have now added to the national product. The world is a more happier place.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wars are History

History as we have learned all along, builds on the various wars, innumerable wars which have been painstackingly documented. In fact, wars were fought to create/write history, to write one or get it written. It is again the 1% deciding the fate of the remaining 99%

It is only in recent times, that we have seen the common man, the front line soldier, rise up and question the logic of war. But, again, this percentage is very small and will be crushed by the vast majority which is schooled in various chauvinism's and cliche's.

I, Many times, I, had a thought, whilst watching films of the said great warriors, single handedly butchering people, that, this is in fact, bravery. Where do the meek stand in a war? Well, I am sorry, I don't have an answer for that. But I do know the answers I will get from chauvinists like "He could become the strategist", "He could be an archer", "He could cook" and the like. It is ultimately optimum utilization of all the 99%.

So, when will the 99% of the war contingents wake up and start thinking. They have to start now. Why Now?. Because we have to write history. The 99% should write history, not the 1%. It should be as varied as the 99% of the people. Now, is the time to write and represent all the 99% of the people who silently killed each other without asking a question. Now is the time to question the 1% of their decisions and actions. Now is the time to opt out of situations like war wherethe same species destroy each other. Every body of the 99% should write. If plants, animals, stones, planets, stars, could they should write now.

Major industries/governments in the world are thriving on the Nation/religion/color/race/language/area chauvinism. The 99% also have he responsibility of keeping that percentage to add on to the 1%. They should force the content in the 1% to join the 999% and create a uniform whole. How do they do it? They have to do it by talking, writing, each one of the 99%. Out of all this chaotic writing/thinking will emerge a pattern. A pattern which will bring out the human side of the world. A pattern which is homogeneous. A pattern which the 1% is always afraid of.

After all this, how would you identify the 1%. The answer is simple. The percentage whose action you have not questioned/is not questioned because of all the FUD is the 1%. Why should the 99% have FUD over this paltry 1%. The answer lies in the history, of politics and economics. The 1% is responsible for all the politics and it has the economy of all the 99% put together. Just enough is with the 99% to keep the 1% keep getting more of the economy.

Now, is the time for war. The 99% should now wage a war. Can they? Going by recent history an attempt towards this happened in the Russian revolution. The only fact I did not like about it is the method employed to overcome the 1%. Taking to arms and harming fellow species is not the method of the enlightened. They should talk and write. Coming back to the revolution, I would like to jump to the time where the workers ran the country with ethics drawn out of mutual agreement. It started well in the beginning, but failed to gather momentum because the political and economic experience was only with the 1%. Further in depth analysis is left to the reader. The present 99% should find out why this failed.

I am not telling that the Russian revolution and its model is the best. But I thought the mutual admiration, mutual help, self help and co-ordination is un-parallelled in history which always depended on some 1% like the kings to hold the country together.

All the meek, the strong, the intelligent, the everybody, the 99% have to make peace with the universe. Blend with the universe remove all the chauvinistic boundaries and become one with it. The universe as one in such a situation would shame the creator, if there is one.

We the people of the world, now will make history, voice and write our opinion. We will make history, which our further generations will be proud of. I, for one. would be proud, even if they think our efforts were primitive. Let this be the last war. The 99% winning over the 1%

Karl Marx said "Workers of the world unite". He wanted the 99% to have all that the 1% was having. I mean all. Cant we have a self sustaining universe sans the politics where everybody is free to do what he wishes, free from religion and geographical boundaries. The upgraded war call of Karl Marx can be taken as "Resources of the world unite"

P.S -> I am not suggesting that Marxism is the answer to the issue in question, in fact the last issue of the universe. I am not for any war which is traditional. This should be unique. It should be transformational. It should bring the 1% into the 99% and the collective one should become one with the universe.