Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vision of RMS

Typing this on a debian lenny system gives me utmost happiness.
RMS has succeeded in creating an operating system. In fact he has
created "Nature" which will evolve by itself and give users a free as in
freedom operating system and the related apps without any specific terms
and conditions. I thank RMS for his vision and consistently standing by it
including his boycott of coca-cola products. I am happy to be
a GNU/Linux/BSD enthusiast.

movie pan's labyrinth

Fantastic film that. With subtitles in english streamed via my ps3 media server
on a 47" screen, fabulous. We are right now in a time of technological nirvana.
beautiful visuals, good background score, good acting by the protogonist and
excellent direction and special effects. Great movie. Must watch for any

PS3 media server

Huge thanks going to all the developers of the PS3 media server. I can now
watch all my favourite movies iwith amazing clarity on my LG47LH35. I love the
PS3 system as a whole and its basic funda being "the entertainment box".
The only problem I faced is with the subtitles being displayed large. The correction would be to enable the font config check box and disable the check box on the left of it.and rename the
font file with exactly the same name as the video file and both should be in
the same folder. The PS3 media server would stream both the video and the
subtitles beatifully. A font size of 2 would be ample which otherwise would
disturb the viewing experience.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My first log

Well, Here iam with my first log. This log would be related to Debian on my
desktop, tablet and my family.