Thursday, May 26, 2011

Response to Mark and copyright freedom projects to FSF

Response to Mark shuttleworth's article

To start with Mac, sorry, Mark, I think the effort ur team has put for unity is commendable. Why, it is obvious from the passion with which u can go on and on with it. There have been likes and dislikes, features liked and disliked, UI loved and hated and so on… . I am not against anything which will take Free as in Freedom computing to the masses. What I am against, is re-inventing the wheel. G3 developers doing the same thing and the entire canonical paid developers doing the same thing. This is a step back for freedom software.

Ur inspiration were all the propreitory interfaces around the world and not a single idea was borrowed from G3 or other freedom interfaces. That is again a step back.

About the indicators etc.. The less I talk, the better. The whole public network is filled up with this stuff for and against u. I dont want to go on and start whole over. Btw, G3 implemented it better. So u better buckle up.

I really love the way u talk about copyrights. “contributor agreements” is a fantastic way of talking about copyrights, without even hinting at it. I am pretty sure that there will be dual-licensing of all the software u are accumulating copyrights for in the guise of “contributor agreements”. Dont bark at me, now. Time will tell. Can u assign the copyright for all the software u have accumulated to the free software foundation and the licensing of course would be GPL v3 and above?

I, for one would love to increase the meaning of the word "GNU software". There is a generic thinking in the people that GNU software consists of projects "sponsored by FSF". I would say, GNU software is the entire collection of software/creative works out there with the licensing GNU GPL 1 and above. Embracing a GPL license is not enough to protect ur software and the programmers intent. I would appeal to all the freedom programmers to COPYRIGHT their software to the people who stand for "Pure theoritical" freedom. I believe that free software foundation is in a good place to fight for the freedom of the code and its continuity to stay so.

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