Friday, November 11, 2011

GNOME 3 on Debian GNU/Linux testing.

Kudos to the Debian GNU/Linux team. They have proved their "release when ready" philosophy once again with GNOME 3.*.

I loved the way my desktop was seamlessly and gradually updated with components from the latest G3 DE. I like the implementation of G3 on Debian GNU/Linux testing. The basic issues have been sorted out with the inclusion of GNOME tweak tool. Especially taking back the control of the desktop area, with icons allowed and right clicking in the desktop allowed.

In terms of the design philosophy of G3, I have liked whatever I have seen as of today. I have easily carried out all the regular tasks on my laptop without much issues. My tip for new users, that is people migrating from G2, is press the super key(windows key) and start typing the name of the program you want to run or to search the file you want to open. Way to go G3 team.

Ur DE is shiny and radical in terms of the design philosophy. My request to the G3 team is just one ie, See to it that you maintain compatibilty of mostly used addons/extensions with ur future releases. This will keep the addons/extensions/customizers interested.

---Proud to be a Debian GNU/Linux user. Will post any other customizations I do later.

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