Sunday, December 25, 2011

nvidia driver and GNOME 3 on Debian GNU/Linux

So, U have taken the dive and installed G3 on Debian GNU/Linux Testing. We all know that Testing is a moving distributions which is continously updated. but we have a lil trouble with this approach when it comes to running G3. Every time critical G3 components or libraries are updated, the nvidia module fails to load and composting is disabled and u are dropped to the G2.3 ish mode.

The work around is very simple. Just re-install the nvidia driver.

P.s-> Dont forget to install synapse. It is a god send for users who had got used to Gnome-do. synapse is a must for all G3 users. It will save all the users moving the mouse cursor to the hot right corner or one super key click on the key board. Try synapse and you will never repent it.

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