Monday, August 27, 2012

Rooting and installing CWM on xperia mini pro Unlocked boot loader

Unlocking the bootloader on xperia phones voids your warranty claims. All the DRM keys go out. They cannot be returned back(or, I dont know any method to bring back the DRM keys). I nor any devs are responsible for any damage your phone may suffer because of any implementations of the discussions below.

Here we go. We are now bored with all the hassles required to install custom roms on xperia mini pro with a locked boot loader or your xperia mini pro is now out of the warranty period. Installing custom roms on a locked boot loader is a pain in the neck for the rom users and also for the devs. For a locked boot loader, the CWM is installed in a portion of the rom memory which get over-written during the installation of the custom rom. So, How do we think that our CWM is safe during the custom rom installation? We cant. Only if the devs have a version of CWM in the custom rom zip properly configured and zipped, your options of losing CWM are iminent. For an easy method of getting back the CWM on locked bootloaders please refer my previos post.

Now, we go to the next logical step. Unlocking the bootloader(You are warned again, Your warranty will be void. There have been cases wherein, sony has refused to repair phones with unlocked bootloader. So continue at your own risk). Unlocking the boot loader on xperia phones is a straight forward process and sony should be thanked for making it very simple. Fire up ur favorite search engine and search for "xperia unlocking boot loader". You will get guides and the sony developer site is very user friendly.

See to it that your phone is recognized by sony pc companion. That just shows that all the necessary drivers are in place.

Basically the steps are

1. GO to the sony developer site and click on unlock boot loader
2. Keep the IMEI number of your ready (Dial *#06# on your phone dial pad)
3. Follow the steps on the sony developer site.
4. Note down the unique code given out and then,

follow the procedure given here

After this, installing CWM is a piece of cake. Go to point number 11.
Here ignore everything from point 4.
Download flashtool.
Install it
Run it
Shut down the phone
Now connect the USB cable first to ur laptop and then press and hold the volume up key while connecting the USB cable to phone. The phone LED turns blue and you get info on the flashtool application that the phone is now connected in the fastboot mode. Click on the 'lightening" icon and select fastboot. Here select "flash kernel" and browse the "boot.img" of your favorite kernel. Thats it. disconnect the phone and reboot.

After this step, You get a custom kernel pre rooted and CWM. The kernels available for xperia mini pro(ICS) and known to work with majority of the custom roms and also stock(pre-rooted  plus  CWM)
1. Rage(All drivers within the kernel)
2. Mesa(All drivers within the kernel)
3. kamarush(You have to flash the wifi-modules from CWM)

Thanx to all the devs for making the xperia mini pro a true hackers phone. Thnx to sony for allowing the unlocking of bootloaders. Thnx to all th users over at XDA for testing and reporting.............

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