Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is freedom worth the fight

Is freedom worth anything? Countries fought for freedom and several others continue to do so. Do they know the value of freedom? Countries which have been free from eternity, do they know the value of freedom? Countries who fought and are fighting, in that country do everybody know what freedom is or what are they going to do when they "get" it. Do everybody in the country fight for it? Do everybody in the country want it? Are people so much engrossed in their "walled garden" that they dont want to skip the ecstasy of staying in a "walled garden"? Are people programmed to such an extent that they dont want to look beyond the garden? Are they getting whatever they want in that garden? Is it only "that much" they pine for or made to pine for? The infinite human brain, is it reduced to the pea sized brain of the dinasour? Are human capabilities going back? Can freedom wake people from their walled gardens and make them to look beyond the garden? Can freedom yield brains with capabilities as huge as the dark energy. Is freedom the panacea for all the problems in the world? Will freedom allow the human brain to overcome the law of least resistance?

Are people, who fight for freedom, fight for everybody, or for an elite group of enlightened people. Is fighting for freedom and interpreting it, the job of an elite group of people? Is the largesse independent of the freedom school of thought? Is the largesse there just to enjoy the benifits of the struggle by this elite group of freedom fighters? And after getting the much sought out freedom, is the largesse free to carry on enjoying in their walled garden. Is that the aim of the struggle? Were there no people who were happy slaving around just to keep themselves and their walled garden happy? Are the largesse supposed to continue with status quo without any inhibitions, without any contributions back to the society? Are people fighting for freedom in their own "walled garden"?

Is creativity, improvement, social attributes, general good, world citizen, not embedded in the spirit of freedom? Is freedom a seperate word? Is the word freedom in its own "walled garden" Is it an "ideology" which the largesse dont understand or they think that they should not understand, or they think that it is not their job? Is the present societal setup such that people are made to forget the value of freedom and made slavery a more shiny word to use? Are the largesse happy with the perpetual freedom handed over to them by the big corporations? Do the corporations change the scope and meaning of it every now and then?

Ok. So, You have freedom. How many are using it? Has it affected the brain usage of the largesse in any way? You tell me, this is what freedom is about. In summary you are making these statements

I am whatever I am, however I am, I will be "I"
I will strive to be "me"
I am here to prove Newtons laws of motion
I will resist, if futile, I will take an equillibrium position taking the least resistance path
If not acted upon, but still the external environment is changing, I will not, why should I, I am happy with whatever I am
I will try with all my effort to make the environment around me a shield so strong, I cannot be acted upon
I love me being elitely me
I think of only myself
I am happy that the knowledge of the world is free because of freedom. But I dont want freedom. I am happy with me not knowing anthing about freedom.
I am in a free world but I dont care about freedom
I use all the facilities coming with freedom
I dont care about all the drawbacks it has. Oh, come on, when I didnt care much about freedom do i care about the lack of it
The society is just there. It was created in a fraction of a second. Mankind is whatever it is, just like that created again, in a fraction of a second.
I have my place on this planet. But, that is not the result of freedom. It was just there.
I am happy with my walled garden. I dont care how it was raised. It may be full of holes, I am happy with it.
I dont have any problem in staying in a walled garden full of loopholes to be exploited.
I care a damn about freedom or the lack of it.

Long live "Freedom"

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