Monday, May 23, 2016

Tithi-Movie-The celebration of death

Tithi- The celebration of death.

What an awesome medley of characters. I can sum up the experience of watching this movie by my son's statement just 15 minutes into the movie. "Amma idhu namma ooru"("Mom its our village"). The characters are so real, no just, "real". They breath everyday life. They do mistackes, cover it up. Scheme up things, fail, cover it up. Continue Living. Go on living through the hurdles life throws at you. There is no person with superhuman strength. There is no saving the world. It is the story of the last mile in a village. The appeaerance/experience of the film cannot get more rustic. The clothes, the bullocks, the sheep, the chicken, The sounds in the village atmosphere. Captured in their entirety.

And the characters that make up the movie, Oh my God. Three generations of varied tastes, ideologies and technology. All the things related to culture/practises tossed out at the first mention of money. Simplicity nearing divinity in one of the characters. Is nomadism the answer to all the issues ailing mankind. Is it better to revert back to out initial instincts of nomadism. The director has bought out issues with nomadism also. Happiness being obtained in variety of ways based on the age, culture, financial condition. A death affects a few and does not affect many others who are more close. Death also carries weightage based on the image the living cultivate during their lifetime by themselves as well as the perception of people around.

Simple thinking can yield results and consequences most complicated which is behind the comprehension of the simple mind. So, should you be simple in your thoughts or think it out basing every action using the chaos theory. Is sex such a vital activity of human life that people go the extreme distance and take up the highest of the risks or does the society program the individual so. Why does the society always tie happiness with sex or money or its indirect buy. Why do humans form themselves into groups, thinking so inward, Why?

Does death warrant celebration? Why is it that majority of the cultures have the celebration of death in common. Why have various communities come together in the celebration of death. Are they happy somebody died. Do they inherently have to celebrate death. What a contradiction celebrating life as well as death. Is a human being a group animal or does it shine as an individual. Does the human have more powers when he is single surrounded only by the environment not being affected by fellow human beings. Does everybody have to be right all the time, ethical all the time. How did these ethics come about. Were all these rules of societal living introduced to safeguard an elite few, when the elite few found out the methodology of creating that elitist environment. What is wrong and right. Who is wrong and right. Does earth bother about our rights and wrongs. Would the earth be a different place without all these countries/languages/religion/culture/ethics/ideologies/God/The one/Athma/The divine....

The film is a not a new way of film making. It is film making. It is entertaining. It questions everything and does not answer a thing. All characters are "alive". They don't need a costume designer. They are what they are. Are you suggesting you should cast a rich man in rich mans role? Yes. Similarly for other characters. Human life is itself entertaining and enriching. The film reaches great heights when the main protogonist(Gaddadappa) is on the screen. But this greatness is bestowed on the character because of the hollowness of all other characters. All other characters in the movie are inward thinking whereas the thoughts of the main protogonist is holistic and one with nature. But then that character is great because of all the smaller ones. Without narrow minded people around how do you recognise a broad minded one? If all were broad minded then every frame in the movie would be boring.

  It is all about capturing the essence. It is all about waiting and observing it. All great writers did this. This movie does just that. It observes and paints a certain time frame in the smallest of the human establishments possible. Telling about the society, the society enslaving the individuals and viceversa and an individuals triumph(Is it) against the societal setup. We dont have actors, we dont have musicians, we dont have songs, we dont have staged action sequences, we dont have item songs, we dont have elaborate costume designers to perfect the last stitch, we dont have a huge canvas, we have life in its true color and vigor in front of us.

Go taste it.

Thanx to all the people responsible for making this film and ensuring it reaches the people. 

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