Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Other OS" option to be removed from "fat ps3s" also!!!!!!(END)

Well the big corporations have won the battle. Sony has gone ahead and disabled the other os option from fat ps3's. Users have been treated as a piece of shit. From various posts all over the public network I have users divided over this issue. I have come across a majority of users bothered and shocked about the ability to run a full fledged OS on their console. They want to hide their ignorance by ignoring this aspect. The same lot will wake up when other non-technical options are deleted from the ps3 like disable the Blu ray movies play back(Well, did you think it is impossible!!!), disable the media server option(SECURITY reasons can be qouted once again), Disable the remaining USB ports(SECURITY, once again), So what u have is a dumb game console. No user in his right mind would have bought the ps3 without requiring any of the options mentioned above. The user base which has turned a blind eye towards the removal of other os option, should just watch out.

I appeal to the entire user base of ps3 to REVOLT against the "feature disabling" steps taken by sony. We bought the ps3 for a specific option beyond its gaming abilities. If it is the question about gaming only then there are plenty available with cheaper games on the anvil.

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