Monday, March 29, 2010

"Other OS" option to be removed from "fat ps3s" also!!!!!!

Now, this is the news i hated to hear. While Sony was selling the last remains of its fat ps3's it made a statement that whoever has access to the fat ps3s will continue to enjoy the benifits of "other os" option. I rushed to the showroom and bought one right away. Now sony is going back on its words. I heard on slashdot and then went to the official blog to find out that sony, indeed is rmoving the other os option. This is back stabbing and non-existence of any ethics. Now, that is the danger of proprietory systems. We are at the mercy of the manufacturer. I paid 20 grand only for the joy of installing GNU/Linux on the ps3. Kernel hackers have put a lot of effort in making the platform ready for installing GNU/Linux. It is upto the point that there have been spins of GNU/Linux distros tailormade especially to the ps3.

I have the ps3 connected to a full HD LCD TV. this set up doubles as a gaming hub as well as a SOHO setup. I detest this move by sony. It is my right in doing so because I bought the console with the support for installing other os. I appeal to all the buyers and users of ps3 to join together in revolt against this move by sony.

The vulnerabilites discovered because of the other os option is one in many. This vulnerability can be patched from time to time. The developmental effort would be mininal. Since sony is not trying to improve or open up any other feature of the ps3 through developmental efforts related to the hypervisor, the decission is childish and does not smell of any sanity at all. I , as a customer would like SCE to reconsider the decission. I do not want sce to improve the other os interface at all. Instead live that portion of the hypervisor alone and try to improve the other aspects related to gaming.

SCE, please keep the "OTHER OS" option in the ps3 "forever". Let me add that, I LOVE THE PS3.

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