Thursday, February 10, 2011

Debian GNU/Linux testing(nearly squeeze) on Dell M501R

The installation was a succesful one. The installer behaved better than the one coming with ubuntu. The salient points of the journey

1. I downloaded the DVD1 of the testing branch.
2. Booted of the DVD and was presented with myriad of options to start installation. I selected the text based install. (I tried to boot with a ubuntu 10.10 previously, but was unsuccesful. This was owing to the fact that the custom ubuntu kernel was not playing nice with the acpi architecture of my laptop. The kernel option passed was pci=noacpi, which then booted to the live enviroment)
3. Installed the desktop and the laptop options
4. The ati card behaved beautifuly with the open source drivers. Installed xcompmgr and composition was provided for docky and gnome-do.
5. Broadcom drivers had to be compiled from source. More about this in a previous post.
6. Tried to install the liquorix kernel using synaptic. It screwed up my graphics drivers. Purged the graphics driver and booted back to the debian kernel.
7. Compiled the liquorix kernel manually with liquorix configs. Then installed the propreitory drivers from ati, followed by re-installing xcompmgr for composition.
8. Re-compile the broadcom drivers for the new kernel
9. Configured docky to look similar to the layout in pinguy os.
10. Installed mplayer-mt for the 3-core amd phenom
11. Installed pidgin.(Empathy started crashing after few updates)
12. Installed chrome browser
13. Installed KDE full.
14. Failed to run compiz

Update 18.02.2011:

Empathy(11) and compiz(14) started working after updating the ati propreitory drivers to v 11.2

Thanks to the Debian GNU/Linux team and congratulations on a great release.

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