Sunday, August 21, 2011

karen sandlers presentation at oscon

A very dangerous account of issues involving propreitory software. The presentation by karen sandler who has joined the GNOME foundation after leaving the software freedom law centre is simple and straight forward.

I like the fact that Karen discussed more about the philosophy of FLOSS than the product which she was representing. All the people involved in FLOSS activities will always highlight that the concept and philosophy of "freedom" software is important than the software itself. Well, shed did like the beauty of the GNOME3 desktop( I also like the G3 desktop environment, except that it is treating power users and new users the same ). It indeed was very cheeky of her to mention that the majority of the attendees had a Mac. Did her speech make any effect on the attendees such that they would change their propreitory platform, My answer is NO. It is always better to attract newer developers and users towards the FLOSS ecosystem by teaching them the ethics of "freedom" before they learn any development or usage.

Karen and people like her( in such postions ) should spread the ethics of "freedomm" software. The byproduct of such a movement would definitely result in a world which would make people like karen, more comfortable and confident on technology.

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  1. Just saw this talk too, very thought provoking. Great commentary, I agree that people high up need to play a more vocal role in the spread of the ethics of free software.


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