Monday, August 29, 2011

Anna Hazaare and freedom

I love the word Freedom. It is my favorite word in the entire english vocabulary. I have been seeing and hearing a lot about how Sri Anna hazaare has held the government at ransom to achieve a seemingly impossible task of impressing the parliamentarians or the law makers as to how a law should be made. Below mentioned are my and only "my" rants on Sri anna's movement.

1. To start with I congratulate Anna in taking freedom and democracy to a new level. It has shown our country men(including me) how strong people are and by how much we should value our freedom. I had noticed that people take freedom for granted. If they are allowed to earn their salary, their food, their morsel of entertainment, sleep, rest, they care a damn about the fact that "freedom" is what is making them do all that and much more without much botheration from an authoritarian third party.

2. Freedom is to do what one likes to do. Democracy is based on freedom. If all the world is embracing democracy, they are in-fact embracing and feeling the warmth of freedom. People in autocratic countries will definitely yearn for that "ethical" approach to living once they taste it during their visits to democratic countries.

3. Democracy is by definition, of the people, by the people and for the people. We see that Democracy is full of "people". Secularism is the kohinoor diamond studded crown for a democratic body. Luckily, having born in India I have tasted Democracy, secularism, their warmth and their pitfalls.

4. Sri Anna has shown the path to the younger lot who were dissolutioned by the way, the country was being led. He has shown the youth that instead of cribbing, make yourself heard. I believe this is a start. The present youth, I believe have got the point. You dont have to be within the framework of the elected government to frame laws. You can be made yourself heard in the most ethically possible "gandhian" way.

5. Sri Anna has shown to the younger lot a sample of how Sri Mahatma Gandhi was able to exert pressure on the British empire just by fasting and following the non-violent way. In-fact sri Narendra modi tweeted to tell that all the naxals who have taken to arms should take a leaf out of sri anna's campaign and choose non-violence. If naxals are a bunch of disollusioned youth of our country it is their time to voice their issues in a similar manner. Get the attention of the media and spell out their issues in the most positive manner.

6. By this I am not telling that "anna's way" is the only way. What I am telling is anna's way is the most constructive way. His movement did not burn any buses, kill any innocent people, etc...

7. I would like to end this post by thanking all the brains behind sri anna in drafting the jan lokpal bill. If implemented it would go a long way in improving the "strongest" bureacratic system in this country. If implemented properely, I believe that the number of people yearning for "government" job would come down drastically. We will have only service minded people who are ready to sweat it out in improving the living conditions of our country.

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Nobody can deter me away from "free as in freedom" concept seeded by Sri RMS. See to it that u dont make fun of my belief. If u think otherwise, no need to comment.