Friday, March 9, 2012

Debian GNU/Linux testing Gnome3 on a Dell lappy with ATI Graphics

This is for people having trouble having Gnome3 with its full glory without being dropped to the standby mode which is neither G3 nor G2 and very ugly. Try first installing the proprietory drivers offered by amd on their ati website. Please chose "gnome" while logging in. If not working, go ahead and try the proprietory bundle prepared by the Debian Gnu/Linux devs. For me the Debian GNU/Linux propreitory bundle worked flawlessly.  Through synaptic just search for "fgrlx" and select all the other dependencies to install. Reboot.

So, All Debian Gnu/Linux lovers, go ahead and feel the G3 goodness. G3 is very beautiful and unobtrusive. If you are interested in a little G2 way, like menus, a task bar at the bottom, then I would suggest you the official plugins hosted by the G3 devs. And installing the extension is a breeze. Just remember to open the website with a firefox(iceweasal) based browser. And one more thing, disable any other composting manager you had installed. It will conflict with the composting which is a part of G3.

Thanx to the Debian GNU/linux devs for packaging the ati propreitory drivers in a workable package. And thanx go to the G3 devs and the community for an excellent DE with the added luxury of extensions which is growing day by day.

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