Saturday, April 7, 2012

Enlightenment, aka E17 on Debian GNU/Linux testing

Its been  long time since I tried any other window manager. I gave a thought towards awesome, since it was recommended by the Debian leader himself. But I though it was too minimal to my taste and ability. I came across enlightenment being lightweight and with lots of eye candy. I am typing this in an e17 session on iceweasal. Let me share the problems and solutions to get this light weight DM started.

First things first. e17 is lightening. Within 2 seconds I am in the desktop. That is awesome. BTW, I also want to declare that I am a big fan of G3, which u might recognize by the other posts which I have made. But, the startup time taken by G3 with this version 3.2 on Debian GNU/Linux testing is eternity. So I decided to experiment with other DM's until G3 comes up to its G2.* capabilities. The screen shots of e17 really caught my attention.

Let us get to the installing part

1. E17 is in Debian GNU/Linux testing repositories. Fire up synaptic, select e17 and all the associated dependencies.
2. Create a new user, (prefereably)
3. Logout, select the new user and choose enlightenment in the session drop down box.
3.a. Once you login for the first time, You will be taken through 3 steps to configure e17. You will get a screen wherein you can choose the shortcuts to be placed on the desktop in the shelf.
4. Login and u will be given ur desktop in under 2 seconds.

After login

1. You get three icons on the desktop Home, Root and the temp folder
2. You also get a shelf at the bottom centre. I deleted the entire thing. It was taking up too much real estate on my 12" screen
3. My lappy's touchpad was not working. I used synclient to configure and enable it. create a shell script in your home folder. with the following

synclient tapbutton1=1
synclient vertedgescroll=1

Now create startupe17.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications/
with the following content

Desktop Entry]
Exec=/bin/sh /home/nishi/Documents/

Now, edit ~/.e/e/applications/startup/.order and add this entry


Since there are no shortcuts on the desktop to save real estate, in comes my favorite tool, synapse. Click anywhere on the desktop to get the menu. Here select settings-settings-panel-apps-startup choose synapse from the list(If installed previously, otherwise fireup synaptic and install synapse from the repos). This action will add synapse.desktop entry to ~/.e/e/applications/startup/.order

Now, the most interesting part, Network. If you have a working Gnome desktop(which i had), it is very easy. Loging to your Gnome session, open network manager choose your wifi connection and click on edit. Here at the bottom of the window, click on "Available to all users". Login back to your enlightenment session and add this entry to ~/.e/e/applications/startup/.order


Logout and login once more. Thats it. You now have a basic "working" E17, lightweight environment. Thanx again E17, G3, Debian GNU/Linux devs, contributors and users.

UPDATE: You are mesmerized with the quality and quantity of themes available for e, hmmm.... No surprises here. I would suggest you to install the bodhi theme pack. Bodhi GNU/Linux has done a great job by combining the best themes available for e, floating over the internet into one beautiful jumbo package. Thanx Bodhi GNU/Linux team for this gorgeous collection. Bodhi has made e look very very fashinable. Download the entire pack and you will end up with this pack "bodhi theme pack.bod" Now extract the entire contents of this megapack by running

./bodhi-theme-pack.bod --keep --noexec

You will have a directory with the name "bodhi theme pack". change into this directory and as root run

dpkg -i *.deb

You may end up with some broken dependencies. study the output of the above command and install the few dependencies manually after downloading the specific .deb's from bodhi repos. Or u can completely forget about the broken dependency error and start choosing from the great themes already installed.

I am enlightened for sure.

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