Saturday, October 27, 2012

Generics and Specifics

            There are various classifications of the "working" class. When I say working class, I meant everybody. Everbody? Yes. Everybody. Everybody works for "something" It is very difficult to tell the "something" of everybody. The Marxist theory considered only one part of the people who were doing physical work.

           Physical work is the result, byproduct or a requirement for the mental processing. By processing I meant everything from an empty gaze to finding the answers about "everything" and "nothing". Work aganin should not be restricted to what people do for money or to extend their existence. Even shifting a position should be taken as work. In fact if we broaden the scope, anything which changes the entropy of the world is work.

         But according to me all living beings have to do some sort of "work". Let us limit ourselves to Homo sapiens. My classification would be

1. Generics
2. Specifics

1. Generics:  Majority of the worlds population would come into this population. So what do generics do? They do routing jobs which is similar throught their existence on the planet. The job/work the generics do are the result of work done by the specifics. The source of all the generic work can be traced back to the work done by the specifics. Dont ask any examples here. Now, why is the majority of the population doing generic work? Is it that the major work available is generic? Is it because the majority is born that way? Is it because they are brought up in that way? Is it because we are supposed to be like this? Is it because the job/work available in plenty is generic? Is it all of the aforesaid and many other reasons which you may come up? Whatever be the answer, the fact is that majority of the jobs are generic in nature.

              How would you label a job generic? A generic job is easy to pickup, Maybe we already have that capability, You can be trained into it, You observe and pickup, In summation they require a minimum of mental effort and more of physical efforts. But we cannot tell all jobs requiring physical effort are generic in nature. But all physical jobs are to be made generic for optimization. Can the world do without generics? No. Just look around, look inside. There are generic jobs to done throught the life of everybody. Specifics also carry out a lot of generics like eating/sleeping/walking, albeit a little lesser. If we talk about industries generics have one more advantage. Generics are like pluggable modules. We can repair a minor flaw and plug it in once again. The same job can be carried out by another man effortlessly by observation, little training or by using the common sense gained over the years. Scientific management gurus and the japanese took the generics to a whole new level, by optimizing. Generic jobs are normally carrried out in mechanical frame of mind.

2. Specifics:  This is a very small majority of the population. But, they are the reason for all the generic jobs in the world. They normally carry out a very small portion of generics, only for survival. Specifics break new avenues or take the existing generics and take it to a whole new level. They are not pluggable/replacable that very easily. Negligible portion of specifics are born that way. They normally reach the specific mental level by starting from a generic background. They get paid heavily, But that doesnt mean that they yearn for that. They are more bothered about the environment. Some do want to make a "name". Some others would do it for pure fun. They can make the world a better place and at the same time improve on a negative aspect also. Capable specifics can be doing generic jobs owing to other reasons like ease of the job, no load on the brain or they just dont care.

Why dont "all" generics try to achieve that "specific" state of mind?

My answer would be that "They just dont want to do so"

It is my personal appeal to all the generics(including me) to strive towards the specific frame and make the world a better place and in turn motivate other generics to do so.

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