Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We want Indian premium brands.


We Indians cannot make or generate any premium brand? If at all we do can we continue to keep it premium? Come on, what is a premium brand? It is to take a very simple ingredient and add premium to it so that a "common" person does not have or not allowed to have access to it. A leather hand bag is a "hand bag" at its roots. A Macbook Air is a laptop at its roots.

Should we wait for starbucks to tell us what or how a premium coffee should be made?
Should we, Since how long do we know about coffee and tea?
Do we need KFC to come and show us how a chicken is to be sold or made a premium product?

Just look at the variety we have in our presentation of chicken. Just imagine travelling the length and breadth of India and see how differently chicken is prepared at every village. Just imagine.

Cant we have Burgers made of idlis. Cant we find out that secret ingredient which will make idlis remain fluffy and still allow them to be packaged as "take aways"?. Cant we make dosas premium by adding gold dust...(Oh, I just got a little carried away, sorry). But cant we? Why is the entrepreneural spirit existing only in the IT sector. For how many years shall we ape the other biggies? For how many years will we be able to sell chicken currys to the British?

So, you are gonna ask why cant you do it yourself, dude? Exactly. This is exactly the same question all the billion people ask to each other and will continue to do so. Come on guys, Entrepreneurs need ideas, ideas can come from kids/elders alike. I have seen people laugh at my hobbies but I have slogged on with mine. Turn your hobbies into something big. I want to see more premium brands from India. Not the likes of coffee day, which my son doesnt talk or know about. I want it to be like Mc Donalds, KFC, starbucks. There should be an awe and then to continue that, there should be an element of surprise everytime. This element is what keeps the brand going on.

When customers buy the service/product the feel should be that We have consumed something premium. We have consumed something healthy. We have consumed something which was worth every penny. The customer should not think even once before chalking out the required money.

Can we make it happen, or will we have starbucks making us drink coffe and Mc donalds ask us to have breakfast and ofcourse have lunch and dinner at a KFC/pizza hut.

I, for one, would like to have a premium idli/dosa/roti. Can I.

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