Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Debian-The Universal operating system

I have been using Debian GNU/Linux from the days of "Woody" ie, v3.0. I am amazed at the size of the project in terms of the collaborators, the humongous numbers of developers, beta testers and die hard followers. The philosophy of "Release when ready" rather than "Timed release" puts the Operating system in a different league. This path taken by the debian team is detested by many users who want to have the bleading edge applications which are not stress-tested.

Debian tries to satisfy the cutting edge followers by alowing them to install testing/unstable(beta/alpha stage). But it is my sincere advice to stick with the stable distribution with any available backports provided by the community.If any hardware is not supported then it is better to compile the latest stable kernel with the necessary drivers thereby having latest hardware support plus the stability of applications used. Its been five years since I started using this ultimate community OS and every day of its use increases my love towards it and gratitude to the hackers around the world for building such a fantastic operating system true to the principles of RMS.

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