Monday, February 8, 2010

Open and India

Open is the office suite developed by community for use as "Free as in freedom". This office suite started its life from star office (sun microsystems). As of date this suite is capable of opening files saved in Microsoft Office 2007 format. is the perfect document suite for developing countries like India. Why?
1. It is licensed under the GNU GPL
2. It is in sync with the latest ODF format(more about this format later)
3. Best for teaching office suites in schools and colleges who cannot afford the royalty for paid office suites.
4. The curriculum in Indian schools requiring the teaching of office suites should be as generic as possible. That is students should be taught "Office suites", Not M***Office.
5. Since source code is available freely it might ignite the minds of students to alter the suite. This is how many FLOSS apps have been written, ie, to satisfy "itch" of a programmer.
6. It runs on GNU/Linux and GNU/BSD making it a no-cost and no-royalty option and puts a stop to piracy.
7. The interface is very similar to M***Office which makes the migration very easy whenever required.
8. Fantastic support from the user and developer community.

I appeal to the governments of all the developing countries to and all their representatives to please consider this option and save tax payer's money. The same money can be used to hire developers to customize and to further fuel its development.

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