Saturday, March 20, 2010

Debian squeeze on HP tx1301 au(tx1000 family)(contd)

To compile the latest kernel download the latest kernel source from and download the config files from These are extracted from official Debian kernels. Load this config file and hack the kernel config to your hardware requirements. Compile the kernel and then there were no problems related to hard disks and alsa drivers. The config from debian/GNU Linux project is fantastic.

Install the latest binary driver from Nvidia, 195 series(for the lates graphics hardware). It installs without any problems.

Install xcompmgr to enable basic composting. This is enough for GNOME DO. I am a big fan of GNOME DO and cannot stop craving about how the GNOME project has increased the keyboard friendliness for GNU/Linux. I appeal to the GNOME project to innovate in small but effective ways similar to the DO and not to aim an overhaul.

Oh man, Do I love the freedom of free software!!!!!!!!!

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