Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jobless feelings

How does it feel to be jobless?
Now, why did this topic come up at this juncture? why does this come in between musings related to free software? Are they related ? NO!!!!!!!!!!.

I just remembered the days I finished my Diploma and the adjacent days after my Engineering degree. They were HELL!!!!!. You are ridiculed. Whatever you do will be seen in bad light.You play a computer game and friends and parents look at you as though you have lost it(?). You cannot watch TV. You cannot go to the cinemas. You cannot crack a joke. You cannot have a point of view. You cannot ask for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Your brother will look down on you. None of your ideas are honored or even heard. Ok, Ok that is enough. I believe everybody agrees with me on all the topics above.

Can something be done about it? Is there a step by step procedure to minimize the sinking feeling. Is there a book titled "Zen of happiness during joblessness"? NOooooooooo. Who would stand by you in the real sense? who would help you out without much complications? who would help you without any expectations on ROI? who would? YES, your real "Friend" and your "Mother".

Other solutions(Impossible ones) include decreasing your credit balance, decreasing your loans and try to save a little as emergency cash and of course be good to your friends and honor your mother as much as possible.

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