Friday, November 12, 2010

10 years of MPlayer. yipee to that.

10 yrs of Mplayer ... The ultimate multimedia player for GNU/Linux.

1. Mplayer is my darling app on GNU/Linux. After XMMS, its debacle and inumerous forks, I settled down with mplayer for all my multimedia tasks on GNU/Linux.
2. Many people using media players on windows do not know that they are running mplayer for majority of their decoding and encoding tasks. mplayer classic hosted on source forge is used by many windows users without knowing that the backend is mplayer.
3. mplayer, after 10 yrs is not out with version 1.0. It is not doing the mistake which Linus did with linux by shifting the version no to 0.9 without the networking code. The versioning scheme is excellent indicating the vision of the developers(mentioned in their tagline.
4. No front end has utilized the complete command line magic available with mplayer or mencoder.
5. mplayer and mencoder are in full flow when run from the command line. It is a swiss army knife for all the multimedia tasks.
6. mplayer multi-threaded builds use the multiple cores of the modern computers efficiently and fully.
7. The file formats and containers supported is going up every moment.
8. Normally, it will play any file format you throw at it.
9. compiling mplayer for the specific processor and the number of cores would result in an executable which will make u grin from ear to ear.
10. Long live the mplayer project. Thanks to all the developers for making my GNU/Linux experience more fun.

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