Monday, November 8, 2010

Is wayland the way to GNU/Linux's mainstream entry?

Is the decision to include wayland as the display architecture into the GNU/Linux atmosphere the only way to ensure the entry of GNU/Linux on to the mainstream?

When i talk about "mainstream", I am talking about all the dumb users who use the computer as a tool and not to be bothered about the functioning of the back end and whatever happens with the interaction b/w the hardware,os,apps(including webapps) and of course they are not bothered how it happens, whether whatever is happening is optimum and more importantly "Not bothered about the freedom aspect of computing"

The majority of the computing power users are not bothered about the fact they are strengthening a few, in fact very few Big companies. Now why are we discussing freedom when we are talking about wayland? hmmm. let us see

1. The X server is a boon to the educational organizations particularly those run by govt organizations or NGOs. This would convert an inexpensive computer to a client which could connect to a more powerful server running the Xserver.
2. The X server the favorite tool of majority of the server admins owing to its Network architecture which is built into it during its design itself.
3. The X server has served the GNU/Linux and the proprietary Unix systems well during all these years. People/corporations have borrowed heavily from the X server in developing proprietary ones owing to the standard being public domain.
4.The standards being publc domain, nobody bothered to give the improvements back to the project.
5. The Xfree86 project has been the driving force behind whatever GNU/Linux is at present.
6. Instead of optimizing this implementation people have decided to support a nascent stage product(wayland). The only incentive being the that the wayland stack sits just above the graphics card. This is aping what microsoft is doing with directx.
7. With this Sri shuttleworth is expecting that he will be shuttled to sell GNU/Linux with his proprietary mp3 store and mainly, his proprietary high handedness.
8. In fact, he wants to ape whatever apple is doing with its os. He wants GNU/Linux to be a "dumb computing power user's" Mac osx.
9. It is also astonishing that these moves are supported by people who projected the death of the pdf format 2 yrs ago.
10. Sri shuttleworth should keep his eyes open and see what happened to all the distros who tried to ape windows.
11. I am not against waynad or any path breaking technology. But declarations like this is not right. Ubuntu is tried by many of the dumb users who just want to come out of the virus filled proprietary os.
12. Sri shuttleworth dont expect these users to be the guinea pigs of ur experiment. U are going to remove whoever came in late with ur buggy and incomplete implementation of waynad which i am pretty confident based on the amount of development ur company has put in in improving the true GNU/Linux in terms of RMS's philosophy.
13. Experiment with waynad in ur house, crash it down, rebuild, debug and do all the developmental activities inhouse(I know u have enough money to keep doing it) and dont put this step on users.

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