Tuesday, November 23, 2010

debian GNU/Linux "Install once" OS

Debian GNU/Linux from its inception had one idea embedded very strongly into its structure. "Install once and once only". In fact there is no need to download the entire os ( n number of cds or n-20 number of dvds or a complete blue ray ). There is a netinstall cd, which when installed will install the basic, barebones, command line front end. It is upto the user to install the packages/applications as per his requirement by connecting to the internet. aptitude is the friend u will need to pull the packages/applications from the internet. I would state that the first thing to install after installing the netinstall cd would be to install X and a window manager( gnome and kde for full blown window managers. lxde, enlightenment or other light weight window managers)

Now install synaptic with the above window managers. synaptic will be ur package manager with the familiar windowing environments. This is ur app market(but here every package is free unlike that of apples). U choose the app u want and click on install. Thats it. Just keep updating the apps once every month/week or whenever u have time and bandwidth. U never have to install the OS again. just keep updating and install any security update given out by the debian developers.

Give way for "release when ready" "Install once" OS. Way to go.

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