Friday, July 15, 2011

Can Diaspora mimic google+

I for one would love to see Diaspora completely imitate google+. By mimicing, I meant that Diaspora should carry features on "one to one" basis. I loved the way google has implemented its social networking concept after failing multiple times. That is definitely a result of n--> infinity dollars available with google. Innovation is the key to google. I believe this is one company which completely innovates and recruits people only to innovate, not to work. Diaspora is born out of a very claear understanding of human sharing psychology. Google implemented the "aspects" in Diaspora more intuitively with "circles". The similarity ends there. The video upload, the mobile app, sparks, hangout, Huddle can be definitely credited to all the existing social networking apps.

I would love to see Diaspora reach the same amount of feature list as google plus. Why?

1. I love "free as in freedom" concept of RMS
2. The layout of the page is very pleasing. This is where diaspora and google+ are on the same level of maturity
3. I want the code of such a social networking setup available to the community at large.
4. When the code is available to the community on a "free as in freedom" license we will see that it will be put to innumerable uses not even visualized by the original developers.
5. I like Diaspora
6. If anybody wants they can run their own diaspora server from their house thereby keeping the data really private and still connect to all the "diasps" across the world.

Here is my best wishes with the diaspora developers, users and community to grow and to implement features with more intuitive front ends. "circles" should be an eye opener to all the diaspora developers for very "simplistic" tech front ends.

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