Friday, July 8, 2011

Linus should be happy

I came across a qoute by Linus Torvalds which summed up to this 'If Mirosoft developed an app specific for the GNU/Linux environment then he had won'. This has happened now with office 360. Critics might argue that my argument is not right. But my comment comes on the fact that Microsoft is synonymous with "MS office". Many users do not know that the "MS" stands for Micro-soft. But nobody can negate me that MS office is the most widely used "application" in the computer world. Now, that application is available for the majority of the operating systems which can run a fully blown browser.

This is a clear win for Linus and it is celebration time for GNU/Linux enthusiasts. After trying all the different methods for running Office like WINE, virtualization and all other methods, we now have a cleaner method officiated by Microsoft. Kudos to Microsoft for coming out with the online office suite. In a move to counter Google, It has forgotten the amount of users it mahy lose who buy bundled msoffice. Users win. Users have forced Microsoft to come out with a cloud version of its office.

Will we have a libre office hosted on the cloud. We may and we should. That would put a bit more pressure on microsoft to see to it that office 360 worked the same and has the same features across all the OS platforms.

Congrats Linus. You owe the Users/community a toast.

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