Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summarized comment on shuttleworths post.


The above post was my reply to mark to one of his posts. The post was related to the economics of FLOSS, in particular, it explained how the present "hobby" projects were not making money. It also tried to explain methods of raising money. Ultimately the summary was that, Mark is not getting his ROI on ubuntu GNU/Linux.After seeing all the comments in the post, I was shocked at the way, the post was interpreted. People went a step further in explaining myriad number of ways of how "Mark should make money" from Ubuntu GNU/Linux that too, from existing users.

I would like to bring to the notice of all the commenters that

1. Mark did not reply to my comment
2. Mark is not bothered about making money from the existing users. The money he would collect would be peanuts compared to the wealth he has already accumulated from his previous propreitory endeavours
3. If all the "free as in freedom" developers had thought like mark, We wouldnt have GNU/Linux and ofcourse, ubuntu GNU/Linux in the first place
4. Money is not everything for everybody.
5. If Debian HURD or Minix takes off in a big way( Exaggerated ), We again have an alternate os to tinker with. The community will start the cycle of improving the new kid. It is not difficult ot understand where ubuntu GNU/Linux stands with this.
6. If Mark is successful in pre-installing ubuntu GNU/Linux on new hardware, His restrictive ideas will see a format of the new hardware the time it is recieved and the users are once again "free" to taste freedom with Debian GNU/Linux or Debian GNU/Kfreebsd or ..... Debian GNU/Hurd.
7. At the end of the post, Mark told that he would summarize the comments on this post and include it in his next post. This has not materialized.

I think instead, Mark should go the Redhat way or the suse way and aim for corporate users with their pockets full of money. As far as the Microsoft/Apple way, Windows/osX is enough. We dont want GNU/Linux to end up in the same kind of marketing and propreitory blobosphere.

Mark, Pls leave GNU/Linux alone or just be a major contributor to both the GNU/Linux world and wikipedia universe and keep the ads at bay.

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