Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ubuntu GNU/Linux claims to have bettered the UI experience.

So, Shuttleworth has done it again. He once stated that the ubuntu GNU/Linux server market is better than that of Red hat GNU/Linux. Now, recently it got bolder, He stated that the his unity engine betters the quartz UI and engine of the Mac os X. I dont know why somebody should ape a UI. People are already bored of all the present UI's. That is visible by the fact that apple put in features from ios to osX, as much as possible. Why was that done? It was done so as to keep the interest of the apple fans in their desktop version also. But apple should be lauded for keeping the two products seperate as they are "seperate".

I would like to re-iterate that GNU/Linux users cannot be bought just by apeing osX. The GNU/Linux desktop thrives on innovation. You want a claer desktop, why dont you start with awesome. Awesome depends on the user to configure things. Incorporate excellent desktop effects. But the basic phiosophy of a tiling display manager should be kept intact. In this way you can have an existing user base and convice them to shift. Make configuring things easy and you have a winner on your hands. The desktop should be unique easy to scale up and "fun" to use. Mr. Mac shuttleworth you are spending money in the wrong direction. Ubuntu GNU/Linux will sell without unity also, Try it and you will know it is true. People dont buy Ubuntu, people buy Ubuntu GNU/Linux because your PR is succesful in putting out the information that "installing" and "configuring" their GNU/Linux box is easy with this "distro". I request you to use this PR strategy and design a desktop which is like no other. Then you can have UR stamp on it and call it Ubuntu OS(only for new users and who dont want to know what is under the hood. As those new users get industrious, they will definitely land up with Arch GNU/Linux or Debian GNU/Linux. But until then u have won).

If you have won the normal users, the war is half won considering the enterprise market(Here I am basing my assumption on the success of Redhat model). The desktop should be seen with awe. Seeing jus 2 minutes of video on youtube should make users to try it immediately. And stop comparing GNU/Linux UI's with existing propreitory OS. GNU/Linux is unique and it will stay that way. So Mac shuttleworth, "INNOVATE". Dont catch up.

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