Monday, August 16, 2010

17th Birthday of Debian Gnu Linux

Happy birthday debian. Debian is one of the first distributions to add the GNU/Linux tag to its name. This goes with the argument of RMS to call the entire "Linux" based system as GNU/Linux. It was started with a very clear focus in mind. To deliver an OS which was envisioned by RMS(complete with all the generic applications required for a normal user). The social contract is one of the best drafts I have seen except that of GPL v3 to hold the community together and to have between them a "social" well being. This concept in turn holds the distribution together with around 28,000 packages and counting.

If people thought maintaining the linux kernel was awesome, they should check out the number of developers, document writers, artists etc.. who contribute to the Debian GNU/Linux system. Infact Debian GNU/Linux is a tribute to the social attribute of human beings and is a living proof of the Democratic style of governing(Sri M. K. Gandhi always comes to my mind when I talk about anything related to sri RMS).

Thank u debian for allowing to do what I want with my computer. Thank u for giving me the feeling that I am indeed living in a democratic country with democracy at its heart.

Thanks a lot.

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