Friday, August 6, 2010

Ignorance of the general public to alternat operating systems

It is an astonishing fact that the major public(my friends, colleagues) are ignorant about the alternate operating systems available. I can quote a few reasons
1. No need to look beyond the windows as majority of their requirements are met
2. Call up the local assembler and re-install the windows in case of viruses.
3. Be ignorant about the virus and assume the Operating systems are such.
4. During their academic journey they did not come across alternate os or even know about it.
5. If they do remember, it maybe for an odd project.
6. They are bothered about the application rather than underlying os.
7. They just use only Office.
8. They dont know that they have paid for the os when they bought their shiny new laptops.
9. They did not pay for the os when they bought their assembled desktops.
10. They dont know that there can be a situation where it can be made difficult for "anybody" to write a virus.

In this context I would like to bring to notice a few remarks I have heard relating to my passion

1. How much are they paying you to put up an advertisement related to GNU/Linux(I have it written on the back of my car and on my doors)
2. Laugh at me for supporting such a small and a foolish reason.
3. Think that the whole thing I am supporting is plain dull.

I have tried many a times to explain things. But to no avail. This does not mean that I am giving up ideologies for "free as in freedom" software world
Infact, seeing this response has spurred a new energy in me and proved to me beyond doubt that RMS is dead right and the free software revolution has
to gain momentum.

Jai Ho RMS.

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