Saturday, August 21, 2010

Debian GNU/Linux is "the" distro of the past and the future

We just celebrated the 17th birthday of Debian GNU/Linux about a couple of days ago. Now I come across a post on the public network questioning its relevance in the present world. Debian GNU/Linux is relevant is the present world and also to the future as much as it was in the past. Debian GNU/Linux gets as near to the "free as in freedom Dream OS for the world" envisioned by Sri RMS.

Debian GNU/Linux has stood the test of time over the past seventeen years. A project of such a magnitude having stood the test of time is in itself a magnanimous achievement. This is testament to the ideals for which the distribution has stood for all these years. Debian GNU/Linux is like the "ideal" democratic country. It is very difficult to achieve "ideal" conditions in any issue and if achieved still more difficult to maintain. Debian GNU/Linux is what is today because of its free software ideals and has been led by developers and maintainers who believe in those ideals.

I for one, believe in the ideology of Debian GNU/Linux and would continue using and spreading word about it for anybody who would like to have a "free as in freedom" computing experience.

Long live Debian GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/Kfreebsd

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Nobody can deter me away from "free as in freedom" concept seeded by Sri RMS. See to it that u dont make fun of my belief. If u think otherwise, no need to comment.