Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Should the ownership of GPL'd code be handed over to FSF

I believe i have answered the question by not using the question mark at the end. I would suggest/appeal to all the free as in freedom software developers, docu writers and all contributors to hand over the ownership of the GPL'd software to the FSF. This would give the FSF a much needed push in fighting any infringements on the freedom software. It would make the individual/group/organization in question to think twice before using the GPL'd code. This in turn would result in them studying the GPL in depth understand it and think whether it suits their style of working or they want to re-invent the wheel.

Users would start appreciating the values hidden in the GPL. You never know there may be freedom software evangelist hiding in that jungle of the corporate world. Giving over the ownership of the freedom software to FSF would be the best option for small time developers/hobby developers who do not want to be bothered with the judicial issues. In this way FSF can develop a much comprehensive freedom software directory, which in turn would stop further freedom developers from re-inventing the wheel by plugging in the available software from the pool maintained by the FSF.

This would also make the entire world to awe at the enormous amount of software with the GPL. Above all, this would make me extremely happy and RMS a proud man.

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Nobody can deter me away from "free as in freedom" concept seeded by Sri RMS. See to it that u dont make fun of my belief. If u think otherwise, no need to comment.