Thursday, December 2, 2010

rolling release, hmm

Ubuntu wanted to shift its release philosophy to a rolling one. Right now, they are following a release interval of 6 months and one LTS every 3 years. A release like this is tested for the individual and also for how the whole(all packages and their relations) behave. There will be havoc if any specific package from the next release is installed with the whole of the present release. The ubuntu project started owing to the fact that there was no regular release of Debian GNU/Linux. If 6 month release is stopped then the reason for starting ubuntu is immediately questionable. The best option for canonical at this point would be to contribute directly to debian gnu/linux and make it the best alternate os in the world.

Debian GNU/Linux on the other hand is a rolling release from inception. The developer team studies the individual packages and their relations as a whole on a consistent basis. With ubuntu wanting to ape Debian GNU/Linux on this front also, I would believe there would not be any input from ubuntu in it. It is like u just remove the name "debian gnu/linux" everywhere and replace it with ubuntu.

Of late I heard that even open suse wants to go rolling!!!!!!!

Let us see how many of these people can change their release philosophy to a rolling one.

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