Sunday, November 20, 2016

Are we humans any more?

People fighting over borders, religion, caste, color, race, position and what not. All the possible classifications even things like fat, thin, short can bring out bitter fights. Add to this the economic position of the individuals. Since the day purpose of human life changed from livelihood to hoarding to finding that USP of one human has over another. Since the day people forgot their whole capability by people bringing in division of labor, there has been no perfect man. People produce components without knowing what the end product is. What is the joy in that. Even the livelihood of people has these reflections. People run around small incremental aspects which will never give that ultimate happiness, the feeling of seeing and feeling the one. Even spirituality has been borught down to steps, of course since that feeling of joining the one results from a continium of thoughts and acts, people rarely feel it. Whoever felt it can never describe a continium of thoughts and feelings. You can always discretely descrbe the steps to reach there. But, what about the things which are in between which was lost in the incapability of human speech. Which is again a half hearted attempt. Improvements have rarely happened in this most important aspect of human nature.

Human race is unique in differntiationg components of its own. It is very difficult to find a parallel in other animals. We are evolving to lead a lonely life among lesser people. If there are people above we tend to grow in a manner to enslave the people above or be enslaved by the same. All th while doing it alone. Why has conscience taken a back seat. In fact i am hearing that particular word rarely. What had to be in abundance has become a rarity. The entire human race is behind rare things and wants it to be abundant. The rich desist the poor, the poor have so much anger within them, what is going to happen is anybody's guess. People are becoming plasticky. They can fake good manners like pros. Now again we come to the most important, Good and Bad. What is good and bad. The context keeps changing every day. Mass opinion can change anything to each other. The concept of democracy being utilized at its worst. What am I writing about. Is it good, is it bad, should it be written, Should it be read, should it be hated. What should w do? What are we going to do? What will be our fate. Wil we ever do what we are supposed to do in this multiverse. Are we doing exactly what is to be done. Is fate a reality? Are we in a simulation? Cant we control anything? Why have the oracles of the world failed in making us understand this world? Why do people who have seen and felt the one unable to communicate the same to everybody? When are we going to stop killing our own. When are we going to know what is really good and bad. When are we going to know that there is nothing like good and bad. Is morality a requirement? Why do humans dislike anarchy. Are they afraid it is going to bring harmony henceforth. Why do we love order so much and hate anybody who breaks this order. Why dont we understand the order of the person who is breaking it. Oh my.... Oh my......... What am I doing in all this, What am I TO do in all this..........The same question is also to you.........

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