Monday, November 28, 2016

First drive on a Royal enfield Bullet classic 500 chrome graphite

The odometer reading on my bike was 8.3Km when the bike was handed over to me at the warehouse. The distance to my home was approximately 5 Km and it had to be done in thick traffic. I still had to get to the petrol bunk to fill up. Sonny was in the pillion seat. I had not driven a bike in the last 8-10 years. That too, now, I get to ride a bike so heavy, I was afraid I would be mocked all over the road. Anyhow, maintaining composure, started the bike with sonny on the pillion and made my way towards the petrol bunk. Reached the bunk and gave the 2 litres coupon received from the showroom and then told the boy to fill another 10 litres. Knowing that the fuel capacity was 12.5 litres. It has been my style that I would top up my vehicle well before reserve situation. But better sense prevailed and then asked him to top up with only 5 litres.

The drive home was very tiresome. Plenty of traffic. Reached home did the quintessential ode to God and asking his best wishes for a safe journey the entire life of the vehicle for the rider, pillion and all the other people and living things on the road. Here the priest was about to apply vermilion on the engine casing. I stopped him on time. The crank case and the cylinder were already so hot, one touch and the priest would have summoned the worst demons on to me and to my bike. While taking a turn, I really struggled to get the bike moving to turn 180 degrees. It was now time to rest the heavy slugger and its driver.

Woke up the next day and was still in two minds as to whether take the bike to work or not. Lot of work had to be done. The car had to be moved from its original position. There is one more bike which also had to be moved which unfortunately will be locked. At the last moment decided to bite the bullet and did all the above things to bring out the 500cc. Pulled up the choke lever and hit the electric start button. The engine chugged to life immediately. Waited for a minute or so and then off I went on my first real drive of the 500cc. The morning drive was awesome. The cold breeze, a rare vehicle here and there. Maintained a consistent 40-50 Kmph to maintain the ride in. The bike vibrates like crazy. The mirrors only tell you that you have a vehicle at your back. It is difficult to find out which vehicle is it.

The seating position is awesome. Sitting upright gives a princely air about the bike. It is difficult to drive at 60 Kmph in the 5th gear. The vehicle Will be nudging you to rev the engine but I remembered the limitations of the ride in and maintained the designated speed. The handle could have been bent a little towards the rider. The front disc brakes are excellent. The suspension is good enough. I did not feel the potholes much. It handles bad roads with aplomb. The major problem I faced is the rear brake lever. The foot has to go a long way down to use the brake. I think I should have raised the lever a notch and also reduced the total throw of the foot lever. This I will take up when I am free in the day. But, the rear brake pedal is a pain in the A*&. The driving position is completely destroyed when using the rear brake. I despise the total rear brake package.

The drive, is unique, one of a kind. The torque is available to you in all the gears. Perfect city bike once you get the hang of the bike and optimized the location and travel of the rear brake, of course. Reaching the neutral gear is something to be practised. Just in one day's drive my accuracy is nearly 60%. That is good going(patting myself). Don't change the gears when the bike is in stationary condition. hold on the clutch lever or switch of the engine in the same condition. Don't worry, you cannot move the bike that easily to change the gears all by yourself and also in the busy traffic where there will not be any place to do so. The thump, the vibration, I never knew that shortcomings in technology also could be used as USP and this bike is a mirror to this. I thoroughly enjoyed the drive in the mornings as well as traffic in the evening. The glances you get as you rev your engine, priceless and add to it the chrome. Now I know why people are so keen in going to Valhalla. Now I know the relation between chrome Valhalla. Now I know why chrome is sprayed on half lifes. Now I know why George miller is so adamant that he will not feature an electric car in his Mad Max series. Now...... I ............Know.........

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