Monday, November 21, 2016

Part 3: Ownership experience of Royal Enfield Bullet classic chrome 500

Got a call from dealer telling that the bike is ready for delivery and that I have to reach before 5.30 PM for taking delivery. Rushed from work and by the time I reached the house wifey was ready and sonny super excited. Went to the showroom where I was led to the ground floor of the office which doubled up as a store room for spares. I though now, we would be discussing the spare required for the bike. I was taken to a lady crouched over a CRT monitor with its display so washed out, I was unable to see anything. Now the lady at the counter asked my previous bills. Without seeing them she asked my mobile number(which was already mentioned in the bill). It was told to her, but she was not hearing and started rummaging through a pile of papers. She then got agitated and told me that she would tell the phone number from the pile and I have to tell her if any of them belonged to me. So, now, the customer's name is not required. You are just a number. A coupon for fuel worth INR 200/- and some other documents were given and was asked to sign and the lady did not explain what they are but just indicated the place where I was supposed to sign. Then she told my vehicle still doesn't have a number. The insurance copy is in the "Head office". There I lost my cool. The first day I met the sales rep I had very clearly told that I would not take the delivery of my vehicle until all the formalities are completed. In this time of Information technology, I am being told that the insurance hard copy is in the "Head office", totally government office terminology. Thank god, RE is not a government operated unit, otherwise god save the customer. She got agitated with my argument and told that I am unable to understand the things going on. We both had an argument, in the mean time I realized I am arguing with a lady, which is wrong on my part.

Went to the first floor furious and asked the sales rep, what really is happening. My voice pitch is a little on the higher side and even little above normal talk would sound quite loud. The sales rep was silent to all the things I was asking. In the midst of it, there was a middle aged lady, who appears to run the place or is the wife of the man running the place. She wanted to show who is the boss. Customer is just a beggar standing at her door and asking for food in exchange for money, but still a beggar, This is exactly her attitude towards the customer. You open your mouth to talk, you will be shut down with a flurry of words related or un-related, the same with everybody in the showroom. I don't know how, but everybody is the same. All men and women are equal here. There is no disparity with respect to the mental thinking, a rare occurrence in this individualistic society. Now she started asking questions and I started to answer all the things mentioned in the previous posts were asked and replied for. Then, the most startling revelation. She told that it will take 4 days to get a registration number form RTO. I have purchased and have been a party to other purchases of vehicles, but never did I feel so puny as a customer. Your total helplessness is bought to the fore in a magnified manner. All this while you are worried about your bike. You are worried whether there would be any sabotage on your bike. You, Now I, should be very very worried................

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