Saturday, November 26, 2016

Part 4: Ownership experience of Royal Enfield Bullet classic chrome 500

So, waited for five days and called the evening of the fifth day. The sales rep hangs me up for a minute and then tells me that everything is in order. All the documents are ready. The registration number is already stickered on the bike and it is ready to be delivered. Now, if everything was ready why was I not informed. What will the showroom do with a bike which has already been sold? I don't know. Anyhow told him that I would be taking my delivery the next day.

Reached the showroom the next day evening. Not a single smile from anybody. No smile from the front desk lady, No smile from the sales rep, Nothing, Nada. Went to the sales rep he showed me to one more guy who is to show me the warehouse. I did not know anything about a warehouse all these days. I had to travel to Jayanagar to see the different shades of bikes and here right next to the show room is a warehouse. Was led to the warehouse where a short tube cylinder was being fitted on a standard bullet. Had to wait for 15-20 minutes for the job to complete. The sales guy left me there to fend for myself and went back to the showroom. The warehouse guy started cleaning my bike with some polish which made the chrome glow. He gave me a quick intro to the bike. It was so quick, I don't remember anything. He was in no mood to stay in the warehouse. He just wanted to rush out for something else. He handed over the keys to me and wished me happy biking. A coupon was given for 2 litres of petrol at a specified petrol bunk.

The bike is so heavy, even a small tilt to either side, you will be on the ground in no time with the bike over you and let me tell you, you will need at least 3-4 people to save you from that position. I sat on  the bike and pushed the bike out of its centre stand position and i felt a slight swerve to the left and thought that definitely it is going to fall down. But held on to the bike and pressed the self start button, the engine came roaring to life. It vibrates like crazy. RE should be definitely looking at twin cylinders and reduce the vibrations. The rear brake pedal positioning is not one of the best. It has to be depressed a bit more than normal bikes. The front disks are alright. The torque, the pull, the adrenaline rush is incomparable. Sitting and driving your dream bike, un-paralleled. People tell dream big. My thing would be dream real.

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