Sunday, September 19, 2010

GNU/Linux on Dell laptops

I happened to install Pinguy GNU/Linux on a friends' laptop. Everything went smooth except for one caveat. The installer made a grub entry to the first disk partition /dev/sda1 which is where windows can ever install. But I was shocked to see that the that partition had some testing tools specifically developed by and for Dell laptops. I do no know whether all models of Dell have the same feature. This is for somebody with a laptop and their windows grub entry takes them to the system testing.

Open the /boot/grub/grub.cfg and copy the menu entry of Windows and paste it below it(That is duplicate that entry). Now edit the (hd0,1) to (hd0,2) so that it points to the second partition. Now backup this grub.cfg because these entries are overwritten any time update-grub is run(which might happen when u upgrade grub). After any upgrade just replace with the backed up grub.cfg.

Thats it, now select the menu entry which relates to the second partition and u have ur Windog up and running(after all the runners have started running).

I welcome the new entrant(without any fee).

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