Saturday, September 4, 2010

pinguy OS "Just use it GNU/Linux"

I have been using pinguy GNU/Linux for the past couple of months and I am mighty impressed with this excellent ubuntu spin. It just works. The packager has collected the packages which would make the "perfect" operating system for a desktop user. While building it on gnome gives it that simplistic feel. I personally believe that the the GNOME interface is lesser intimidating than the others(persona opinion, I dont want any flames here!).

It combines the best of GNU/Linux mint, ubuntu, debian and a lot of other customizations like the dock and the very interesting TED. I just added few more things to the excellent selection of software like GNU/emacs and Transmission. I believe these two are required very much. The deluge client is too complicated and GNU/emacs as everbody know is more of religion.

I would recommend pinguy os to all the newbies who have to do some configurations to the basic GNU/Linux os to start using it in its full capability. All the codecs/flash are pre-installed. You have a well configured conky, hardware detection and driver installation tools taken from mint, mint updater etc.

Give it a try and u will be at home with this great ubuntu spin.

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