Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ps3 media server on GNU/Linux

Excellent job(patting myself!). I got that killer app which I have been dying to get working on GNU/Linux, ps3 media server. I think the audience owning a ps3 know that there is no hardware acceleration available when GNU/Linux is installed on the ps3. So to run movies encoded with various formats available to the public is a big no no for the general public. But with the RSX on the ps3 and genuine FULL HD Play back available with fantastic upscaling available with 7 cores available for processing, not using all these resources to have an immersive movie experience is a crime. This crime has been committed by me for the past 4 months.

The killer app for the above condition is ps3mediaserver by shagrath. I just loved the way the app was written and licenced under GPL(whoa whoa). But I got it work only with windows. Windows detected both my lan cards perfectly(one for the internet and one for the connection b/w the pc and the ps3). What is so special about this app?. It streams audio/video(It is a UPnP DLNA compliant server) and is "specifically" optimized for ps3(programmers itch). There are "n" number of UPnP servers but ps3mediaserver stands apart by its property of on the fly transcoding of audio/video files. (Purists not to frown) The transcoder converts the source format to a format which the recieving device(UPnP client like the ps3) understands. Ps3 understands the Divx/Xvid format. So the ps3mediaserver re-encodes the file available on your pc's hard disk and streams the data to the ps3 which in turn goes through the fantastic RSX graphics chip(nvidia) to display an upscaled view of the file on the pc.

The additional bonus is the support for subtitles, which is a boon for the non-english speaking countries to understand movies in their true sense.(Can u feel my adrenaline!). The ps3mediaserver is true to the UNIX, GNU/Linux philosophy which is very simple "Do not re-invent the wheel". Surprised how that applies here? hmmm. Ps3mediaserver makes use of GPLd software like mplayer,mencoder and java to come up with a piped command with a result which is the more than the sum of the individual parts.

So, what was it that did the trick.
1. Disconnnect the internet cable and connect the cable connecting the desktop and the ps3
2. Right click on the network icon in gnome(I am using pinguy os(spin of ubuntu))
3. select edit connections
4. select the card(eth0 or eth1) based on ur connection to the ps3 and click edit
5. Go to the IPv4 tab and select local connection and save it.
6. wait for a few seconds the notifier will tell that now u are connected.
7. start the ps3 media server app(run it from the cmd line or double click on it in gnome and select "run". do not create any short cut. If the program is started with a short cut it fails to load the ps3.conf which will result in an "Unknown renderer" in the status page. Which in turn will show files the ps3 cannot play natively as unknown format.)
8. Go to ur ps3 display screen and voila!!!, there it is, the ps3 media server is listed!!
9. Now connect ur internet cable to its lan card.

Thats it. Start downloading on one side and in the mean time enjoy ur favorite movie at the same time. I love the world. I love freedom software. I love debian and I really enjoyed using pinguyos.

Thank u, all the freedom software developers and supporters. Keep it going.

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