Thursday, September 2, 2010

One more FLOSS "Interested user"!!!!!!!

Yes, It is certainly a happy day. There was an "Interested user" who wants to know more about freedom software. As usual there is a lot of FUD in his mind. There was one more "knowledgeable" user in my organization(H.N. Anandbabu) who took up the cause of coding as the highest priorrity and my "enthusiasm" as negligible or irrelevant. But according to me freedom software requires contribution in terms of code and contribution as much as the enthusiasm from the "users" to use freedom software and to spread awareness about it also.

It is happy to find one more mallu who is interested in freedom software passion in the same organization. It is a known fact that the govt of kerala and LUGs are very active and support FLOSS to the maximum extent compared to other states. But, let us welcome one more passionate FLOSS supporter with open arms in achieving the dreams of Sri RMS of a freedom software world. Now, he seems lost with all the definitions and the complications of freedom software.

My suggestion to any new freedom software enthusiast would be to understand the principles of freedom as defined by Sri M. K. Gandhi. The ideals would match with the propositions of sri RMS relate to software. If that appears to be daunting, then I would recommend them to read the GNU/GPL licence(complete text) starting from version 1 and end with version 3 or the latest. This would give them a knowledge of how the licence has evolved and how the propreitory world has tried means to grab freedom software into its repertoire. If not for the liberal policy of free bsd we would not have an OSX or the OSX would be lot different and would have taken a long time fo apple to come out with modern operating system. If the freebsd kernel was licenesed as per GNU/GPL(linux is) then apple wouldnt have dared to use it since it is the boss of propreitory companies.

I would suggest a visit to and and start using GNU/emacs to really appreciate the efforts of sri RMS. So, will the new freedom user become a freedom software enthusiast, or will his effort be just information, I will keep it posted.

Until then, Enjoy your freedom as long as it exists.

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