Saturday, September 11, 2010

LMDE(LInux Mint Debian edition) is here

Well, all the new users of GNU/Linux, Rejoice.
Here comes a Debian GNU/Linux distribution (testing) combined with the Linux mint tools. Many new users I believe are at home with linux mint. That is owing to the fact that it comes pre-loaded with all the codecs and has an excellent hardware detection tool which offers the users the option of installing proprietary drivers the easy way. You are just to start the tool and the tool will come up with all the devices which are not running to their potential due to proprietary drivers not installed. Once you select the device from the list the installer will search for the proprietary drivers and install them automatically.

Add to this the excellent Mint menu, Software manager u have an excellent distribution which is as close to the roots as possible. But as the link explains it requires certain amount of knowledge to maintain an LMDE. The change is because of the philosophy behind Debian GNU/Linux. Debian GNU/Linux is designed to be installed only once. The system has to be upgraded regularly from the debian repositories. I have been using synaptic ever since I have installed debian and until now I do not have any problems at all.

I do not install debian GNU/Linux regularly. I have selected the testing branch of debian. As the testing branch reaches release stage, the unstable packages are promoted to testing stage(when ready). So I just have to update my repository metadata to get to know about the latest packages. Once I decide to upgrade any package I will be informed to install any dependencies. It has worked like a charm until this day.

This distro is for somebody who wants to cross the ubuntu line and go into higher prospects and more deeper into the workings of GNU/linux distro. LMDE would be the perfect gap stop for enthusiasts wanting to make the shift to Debian from ubuntu.

All ubuntu users are welcome and Thank u Mint developers for taking the plunge. I request the Linux mint developers to please share their coding effort with the upstream also.

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