Wednesday, December 15, 2010

freedom software: quality or quantity

The title of this post would have made any proprietary software manufacturer grin from ear to ear. For me quantity of software is what matters. Why?
1. Freedom software developers should stop aping proprietary ones and develop unique ones as they have been developing from UNIX days.
2. An application in beta stage, if interesting will attract developers/users who in turn act as catalysts in pushing the development.
3. Freedom software requires code, in addition to donations in terms of cash.
4. We should accumulate enough unique code snippets which can be joined together to form several unique assys of these snippets.
5. Generation of new ideas can be achieved when the block to "perfect" programs is removed, thereby there may be a half hearted development of a unique idea owing to lack of coding/development time/ability.
6. The above step is the only way we can foster new ideas and increase the freedom software circumference.
7.Ultimately we should be following the "small tools" UNIX philosophy.

Start building unique small unique apps, and about the quality leave it to the freedom software universe.

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