Sunday, December 12, 2010

The perfect dream pad

That, now is the question lingering on every phone/laptop/pad/slate/netbook manufacturer across the world. I have a few suggestions for them

1. Follow the iphone/ipad completely and implement every aspect of it exactly, ofcourse, implemented originally.
2. Take a radically different approach and design that intermediate computing device which every user across the world is waiting for(Dont ask me what that would be, But i will definitely tell what i think that device would be)
3. ape the iphone/ipad completely and go beyond it and continue to do so.

In my opinion the device people are awaiting are definitely a pad. But, I want it to be a complete netbook replacement. Pls note that I am asking a netbook replacement. It should have enough muscle to run decent desktop apps. Miniature processors with multiple cores will be the future. so these pads which are replacement to netbooks will in future house processors which will be able to run all the desktop apps. Once u have all the desktop apps running, the cloud is just a small part of it. Did i forget that it should be a complete phone. There u have the complete convergent device. I would be delighted if it ran a freedom os like GNU/Linux. It should not be a half hearted freedom os like android or some chrome shit.

Will i get my dream pad?

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