Friday, December 31, 2010

Damn canonical

This would be a very bad post for all *buntu loyalists. So, read ahead, at your own risk.

The year ending 2010 is the perfect time to check out the contributions made by big corporations making money out of GNU/Linux. When I talk about contributions it is "code" and nothing else. The contribution of canonical towards the GNOME project is 1.0+ %. This can be checked by googling it. I dont want to give redundant links towards this information. Ubuntu is in todays position mainly because of the GNOME project. Let us be clear that many newbies who have started using GNU/Linux see only the front end and they are not bothered what happens at the back(rightly so). So the visual shell which has held many newbies is the GNOME project utilities, which canonical has used unbashedly since its inception. Just changing to a new visual shell and ape all the futuristic activities of a fruit company is no reason to stop contributing to the GNOME project.

Entrepreneurs are supposed to make their own roads and Mark shuttleworth is not an entrepreneur, he is not a free software evangelist, He is a business man. He is bothered about all the dollars he has pumped into his business. He is bothered to recover the investment he has put in. It is not giving result as he had expected. Now canonical is going on a fast track to ape a commercial company and stand out as a cheap alternative to it. Selling music in mp3 format is the first commercial aping he has done. No entreprenuary idea here.

So is canonical contributing to make GNU/Linux more stable in the deep hearts of it. Let us see what is the contribution of canonical in the linux kernel. surprise....!!!!. It is not mentioned in the list released by the Linux foundation. I am very confident canonical and Mark shuttleworth will continue to ape the fruit company right down to its DNA and come out with a cheap fruit which has nearly all the same qualities but will never become one.

Thanks to all the big corporations who have supported and improved the GNU/Linux eco-system and specifically all the hobby developers who are keeping this project on. Let us keep the computing world "free as in freedom" for the future generations.

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