Thursday, December 16, 2010

is ur data safe and private on the cloud

This is the right time for the general public to realize the pitfalls of storing private/individual data on the cloud. I believe these could be the reasons. If i am wrong and if anybody comes across this post can pls comment.

1. Richard. M. Stallman who foresaw two decades of user requirements has warned the general public about the dangers of storing private user data on the cloud.
2. How many computer users know, what is a cloud?
3. Have all the people read between the fine print before storing the data on servers hosted in an unknown/undisclosed continent/country.
4. Have all the unassuming general public gone through the licensing or terms and conditions of the cloud storage deal.
5. Web service providers(the web sites we access, the services we use on the public network) collect so much information about us by collecting data regarding our tastes/affinities without we giving anything or telling anything about the same.
6. The general public can now think how much they would know about us if all our data was given into these very people's hands.
7. I would suggest cloud to all the companies in the world which would reduce the entropy of the world.
8. The same cannot be said about the general public. In the present scenario where u are never alone or u can never "run away" your data in the big data corporations would make u naked to the entire world.
9. This will be experienced by the general public after few examples come out. Let us hope that it is not too late.
10. I completely agree with Sri RMS that individual data belong to the individual themselves and cannot be used to generate information about the individual.
11. Anybody including the government agencies need not ask you if they want to take out data related to you from the remote servers. For govt agencies law is the only pretexts for others there is alwasy money.

Yes man is a social animal, But every human is unique, and that uniqueness can be honored only with his own private space.

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