Monday, January 31, 2011

Android phones outsell Nokia symbian phones

Well, that is good news. Even Linus torvalds is happy with the android phones. He himself did not envision the growth of his hobby Linux operating system to run on phones and with this much of success. So, with every android phone sold, we have a GNU/Linux installation in a users hands. The GNU software might be minimal right now, But i envision that we will have a GNU land apps required for everybody's needs in the near future. GNU userland and the Linux kernel are excellent partners. The best example is Debian GNU/Linux and in turn Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

My dream is always a phone which will run GNU userland apps natively on the Linux kernel and it should also be phone. That would be the killer device. I recently wrote to the adam tablet makers. I am yet to recieve reply from them. The nokia N900 was somewhere there. I dropped my idea of buying it after knowing it that Nokia is not interested in giving an "open" phone to the customer. This will happen when they release meego on phones similar to the nokia n900. I doubt that the meego OS would allow users to run GNU apps natively on the Linux kernel. If they do so, I will be the first person to buy that phone. With the ability to install GNU userland apps, the phone would never be outdated. You can continuously upgrade the apps and all will run natively and happily on the Linux kernel. WOW, Thats awesome.

Thanks Debian GNU/Linux.

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  1. Most of the people think that Apple iPhone is the only phone that is the top notch mobile and no other mobile is up to the level of iPhone but now things are going to change as Androids are taking the place of iPhone for sure. Androids phones are not only the best competitors of iPhone but they are also making iPhone lagging behind them.


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