Monday, January 3, 2011

What is Mark up to?

Mark shuttleworth now wants return from his investment in GNU/Linux. He is now fed up with all the free ideologies taught by Sri RMS. He thought that by talking about freedom software and in turn spend dollars for publicity he would create a parallel environment which would give him his ROI. How exactly is he expecting his ROI?.

1. He wants to "differentiate" GNU Ubuntu Linux. How is he going about it? Well, to start with he has unity. The bull shit front end which will use the blood and the nervous system of the GNOME project and add bells and whistles and also integrate his "mp3" service tightly into the bloody front end he is building.
2. He "wants" to build a generic OS very similar to the fruity company. His os should run and look the same on all the devices on which he wants or expects it to be used. He wants it to be as in-compatible as possible with other GNU/Linux. Now, why does he want to do this? The answer is obvioius. He has been a parasite all these years and will continue to be so. He will take from the Freedom software world but will not give anything in return owing to incompatibility(very much the fruit company)
3. He wants his os to be as game savvy as the windows of the world. He wants his os to run games as good as the other os is running them. He is going to do this by shifting his "development?" effort to wayland. I myself would love to play all the games in this world on this freedom os, but dropping the X server is something I cannot digest. This is from the same company which is supposed to use LTSP project for schools in south africa. The X group of utilities is central to the freedom philosophy which allows us to use all the old hardware efficiently. Is he interested in schools now? NO. Is he interested in shipping cds in large numbers? NO.

This man is now serious. He wants ROI for his investment in freedom speech which he has been giving all these years. He wants to copy all his strategies from a company which is more secretive than the projects at NASA. I wish him all the very best and want to tell him that he can go his way. He can no more influence GNU/Linux. It size is beyond his realms. Thanks RMS. Thanks Debian GNU/Linux.

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