Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"It is very clear that in order to challenge Apple we're going to have to make a lot of changes"

The subject was told spoken by Mark shuttleworth. Now we all know what he is really up to. He cannot take the freedom community for a ride with his prejudiced view of where the GNU/Linux desktop has to land up. We are not here to challenge Apple. We are here to have an alternate OS when the whole world is engulfed and locked in proprietary solutions. He should learn from google on making money from GNU/Linux. Improve the core and make it attractive to OEMs. The OEMs in turn will develop the UI and distribute as though it is their own, But the core is still the same.

This will make the OEMs to contribute towards the core also as is the case with android OEMs. The competition among the OEMs will make GNU/Linux reach the mass in the best possible ways. So, Mark improve the core and leave the UI to the OEMs and the user/developers/artists. Make the core one of the best OS in the world.

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